Daily Bernie: March 11 – Hitch’s Future, DeWitt Interview, Jim Crews Firing

Friday was college-heavy on The Bernie Miklasz Show after Thursday’s announcement  of Jim Crews’ SLU dismissal following their A-10 tournament exit.

Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter also called in, as well as Cardinals president Bill DeWitt III to talk the 2017 Winter Classic and his organization’s relationship with the Blues.

jim crews
The Billikens had lost 37 of their last 51 games under Crews

7AM Hour

What brought the Majerus/Crews era to an end Thursday?

Jim Crews did an admirable job taking over the program for his ailing friend Rick Majerus, but the Billikens lost 37 of the last 51 games on his watch.

The coach was never alone in the team’s shortcomings, but had trouble bringing top talent to SLU.

What’s on Matheny’s mind regarding the Cardinals shortstop situation?

We really have no idea when Jhonny Peralta will be back. Should Matheny go with the veteran Jedd Gyorko at SS?

Or should he give the young Aledmys Diaz a shot to prove himself?

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8AM Hour

Ken Hitchcock’s future and past with the Blues

Hitch will have the Blues in the playoffs for the fifth straight season, albeit following 3 of 4 first round exits in his time with the team.

There’s no question Hitchcock’s system works as they’re the top regular season team in the NHL over his tenure and he’s done a good job keeping them relevant despite so many injuries this season.

Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter interview

Matter spoke about the retaining of Kim Anderson as basketball coach and what to look for as spring football practice begins.

“It’s just really, really bad timing for Missouri to be hiring a basketball coach right now…There’s so much that went on on campus last year: the unrest, the questions about the university’s stability…There’s not a whole lot to sell to any coach out there.” -Matter on Anderson remaining head coach.

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9AM Hour

Broncos sudden quarterback predicament

Everyone thought Brock Osweiler would pick up where Peyton Manning left off before Osweiler headed to Houston.

If Denver wants to continue to run the ball and play good defense, they can get away with a game managing QB.

Bill DeWitt III interview

The Cardinals president called in to talk about the Winter Classic, a possible MLS franchise, and uniting St. Louis sports.

“We’ve got a great relationship with (the Blues)…I think the fans like seeing that. Obviously with the Rams gone it’s something where seeing the two remaining teams come together is a nice way of moving forward.” -DeWitt III on Cardinals and Blues partnering for a Winter Classic game.

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