Daily Bernie: March 18 – Blues Goalie Tandem, Molina Progressing, March Madness

Bernie ended the week wondering if the Blues could find playoff success rotating Brian Elliott and Jake Allen.

The host also laid out five questions facing the Cardinals before Opening Day, and discussed realistic expectations for Yadier Molina.

yadier molina-2
Yadier Molina took his first swings Wednesday, going 1-for-3 in a simulated game.

Interviews included Cardinals announcer Rick Horton and NCAA basketball analyst Chris Spatola.

7AM Hour

Blues goalie tandem out of the question?

Most NHL teams feel it is best to have an obvious number one goaltender, but successful teams like the Blackhawks have used tandems.

Starting goalies are often the MVP of really good teams, but backups often play important roles.

Goalie tandems worked for the 2006, 2007 and 2008 Stanley Cup Champions. (Carolina, Anaheim, Chicago)

Expectations for Molina

Yadier Molina is progressing towards a healthy opening day. He felt good yesterday following his first swings in a simulated game.

Mike Matheny and John Mozeliak expressed encouragement with what they saw.

The fact remains Molina is aging and has had multiple injuries to his right thumb. What can fans realistically expect from the Cardinals leader?

Boiling Point: Kids in the Clubhouse

If the MLBPA files a grievance on behalf of Adam LaRoche and his son, the floodgates will open and absolute chaos will ensue.

Where is this headed? Will the Players Association demand tutors for kids in the clubhouse? Will they start building kennels for players’ pets as well?

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8AM Hour

NCAA Tournament Roundup

Which St. Louis games should we be most excited about? Syracuse and Dayton could be Friday’s best match-up. What about the rest of the country?

Saturday’s field is also set. What weekend games are there to look forward to?

Cardinals Spring Training Questions

The MLB regular season begins in two weeks and plenty of questions surround the Cardinals camp. Who will be starting shortstop? Matt Holliday at first base?

Another story not getting as much attention is the competition for the final bullpen spot between Tyler Lyons and Matthew Bowman.

Better Goalie Option: Elliott or Allen?

Brian Elliott’s consistency may make him the better postseason starting option, but both he and Jake Allen have the mental makeup to be an effective rotation.

This wouldn’t be like Elliott and Jaroslav Halak, who too frequently wore his emotions on his sleeve.

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9AM Hour

Cardinals Announcer Rick Horton Interview

Horton discusses the shortstop problem and who he thinks is the front-runner. He also thinks defense is paramount for the Cardinals infield and that Tyler Lyons should get the last bullpen spot.

“When (Lyons) is right, he’s lights out. His slider, his breaking ball, can be devastating…I think it’s a good weapon to have him in the bullpen.”

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NCAA Analyst Chris Spatola Interview

Spatola talks about Yale’s chances against Duke Saturday and previews the Indiana/Kentucky game everyone is waiting for.

“This backcourt battle between (Kentucky guard Tyler) Ulis and (Indiana guard Yogi) Ferrell has the potential to be as delicious as any match-up we can get.”

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