Daily Bernie: March 30 – Blues Keeping Pace, Cardinals ‘Chomping at Bit,’ More NFL Hypocrisy

The Blues are playing their best hockey with five regular season games remaining. Can they stick with Dallas down the stretch?

Most likely, if Brian Elliot remains a stone wall. Bernie delves into this topic Wednesday with former Blues star Adam Oates.

brian elliott
Brian Elliott allowed his first goal Tuesday night in 193.12 minutes played.

There’s been tension coming out of the Cardinals’ Jupiter camp and it’s unknown if the club will receive sanctions from Major League Baseball for the Houston Astros computer breach.

The host breaks down these issues as well with MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred and ESPN’s Buster Olney on Wednesday’s edition of The Bernie Miklasz Show.

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ESPN Baseball Writer Buster Olney Interview

Olney gives his thoughts on the Cardinals’ clubhouse tension, chances for 2016 success, and talks Cubs spring shenanigans.

“Among the 18 or 20 camps that I’ve been to there’s no doubt that if I were to rank them in terms of mood, (the Cardinals) would be number one in terms of having an edge…They are chomping at the bit.”

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Travis Ford Right Choice for Billikens?

The SLU job had some intrigue for up and coming coaches like Bryce Drew and Joe Dooley, but it’s unknown how much interest there was for the gig.

Oklahoma State fired Ford after a 12-20 record, but he’s taken six past teams to the NCAA tournament in 16 years of coaching. He is also a better recruiter than Jim Crews and lured future NBA stars to OSU in his tenure. What’s his biggest hurdle going forward at SLU?

Final Four Venue Favors North Carolina

As if UNC needed any more advantages Saturday, Houston’s 71,500-seat NRG Stadium is brutal for outside shooters. Players face depth perception challenges with there being no bleachers or walls behind the baskets.

Villanova, Oklahoma, and Syracuse all take over 40 percent of their shots from behind the arc, while UNC rely on long-balls only when perimeter players are wide open.

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MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Interview

Manfred discusses his first year as commissioner, MLB relations with Cuba, and gives an update on the Cardinals hacking scandal.

“I think that the Cardinals have been a model franchise for us in many ways…They operate in a fiscally responsible way. They’ve put a consistently competitive product on the field.”

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Blues Keeping Pace with Stars

Five regular season games remain and the Blues are tied with Dallas at 101 points. The Note stand to overtake Dallas if they keep their tenacity.

Brian Elliot’s play supports this, as the net-minder let through his first goal in 193:12 in Tuesday’s win over Colorado.

Former Blues Star Adam Oates Interview

The five-time NHL All-Star speaks on his St. Louis days, his connection with Brett Hull, and why he believes in the 2016 Blues.

“The one thing Brett and I talk about a lot…(We) can’t believe it was such a short time (in St. Louis) because when we went through it, it felt like a long time. It didn’t feel like two-and-a-half years…Being a part of watching Brett score those 86 goals was an incredible season.”

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More on Cardinals Locker Room Issues

Bernie gives insight on the ‘raw’ meeting between Mike Matheny, Matt Holliday, Yadier Molina, Matt Carpenter, and Adam Wainwright.

What was the purpose of this meeting? Why is this happening now?

More NFL Hypocrisy and Ignorance

The NFL continues giving sketchy remarks on the connection between pro football and chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE. Are these folks living in Candy Land?

Jerry Jones says it’s ‘absurd’ to connect the two and Arizona coach Bruce Arians calls people ‘fools’ for not letting their kids play football.

Legal action has also been threatened against The New York Times for linking flawed league CTE research to the tobacco industry. The NFL never ceases to amaze.

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