Daily Bernie: June 10 – Waino is Bueno Once Again, Dissecting Blues’ Summer Decisions

Reports of Adam Wainwright’s early season struggles have been greatly exaggerated, as the ace looks to be back in his strong rare form.

david backes-2
Blues captain David Backes could command a $6 million future annual salary.

Jeremy Rutherford and Nick Wagoner fill in for the big dog again Friday and cover Waino’s bueno Thursday outing the Cards’ 3-2 victory.

The duo also tackle questions facing the Blues this offseason and how the answers to said questions could affect the team’s future trajectory.

Interviews include St. Louis Rams Super Bowl Champion, Isaac Bruce and Sports Illustrated baseball writer, Jonah Keri.

7AM Hour

Redbirds Reverb: Bueno Waino Shines in 3-2 Win

Adam Wainwright retired 14 straight Reds Thursday before hitting Joey Votto with two outs in the sixth-inning. He allowed two runs on two hits and a walk, which all came in the first.

Wainwright ended up with nine strikeouts over six innings. Will Wainwright’s regained composure give the Cards a shot at competing with the Cubs?

Cardinals Draft Controversy

MLB Network analyst, Harold Reynolds deemed the Redbirds picking Delvin Perez, “a bad message for baseball.” Are people overblowing the 17-year-old’s failed PED test?

Are the Cardinals sending a “bad message” by selecting the teenage prospect?

Interview w/ St. Louis Rams Super Bowl Champion, Isaac Bruce

The legendary wide receiver talks about the upcoming ‘Legends of the Dome’ event and shares his Muhammad Ali remembrances. Bruce rejoined the show for 8am hour’s start.

“(Ali) was definitely someone who believed in the power of influence. I believe in the power of influence. I believe (athletes) we hold a much higher responsibility when we’re placed in positions like we are. He definitely knew that.”

Isaac Bruce Interview:

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8AM Hour

NBA Finals Game 4 Preview

Cleveland won without Kevin Love and lost without him. Love is expected to return for Game 4 tonight at Quicken Loans Arena. Which Cavs team should we expect?

The Cavaliers are a perfect 8-0 thus far in the 2016 NBA Playoffs. Can they repeat Game 3’s historic franchise performance?

Muhammad Ali’s Friday Funeral Procession

Ali’s funeral processional with travel through Louisville Friday, passing his childhood home and the first gym where he trained. the 16-to-18 car procession will end at Cave Hill Cemetery where the ‘Greatest of All Time’ will be laid to rest in a private ceremony.

Will we ever see another athlete reach Muhammad Ali’s heights? What is you favorite Ali story or memory?

Blues Summer Questions

The Blues have several important decisions this summer with each one seemingly hinging on another. Which potential offseason move could have the biggest impact on the team’s future direction?

It’s been reported David Backes could command $6 million per year. IS the captain worth that much to the Blues at this point? Are players staying in one place their entire career a thing of the past?

Would it make more sense to retain Troy Brouwer over Backes? Should the Note move Brian Elliott to improve their forward depth or continue riding with two goalies in tow?

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9AM Hour

Interview w/ Sports Illustrated and CBS Sports Baseball Writer, Jonah Keri

Keri gives his thoughts on the Cardinals drafting Delvin Perez 23rd overall and addresses the controversy surrounding the 17-year-old’s failed PED test.

“Guys use (PEDs). It happens. It is miles and miles and miles and miles better than anybody who lays a finger on their partner or wife, or drives drunk or anything of that nature.”

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NFL Hot Topics

Cam Newton still hasn’t watched his post Super Bowl press conference, saying, “I don’t need to see it to understand the grief or backlash I got from it.”

Newton, with a sweatshirt hood over his head, answered 13 questions with mostly short answers before walking out of the news conference following the 24-10 loss to Denver on Feb. 7.

He admitted two days later he’d been a “sore loser” and made no excuses for his behavior.

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