Daily Bernie: August 3 – The 2016 Cardinal Way: Bad Defense, Bad Baserunning, Bad Decision-Making

The Cardinals lost in tragic fashion Tuesday night in Cincinnati as the Reds claimed victory behind a Scott Schebler three-run walk-off dinger.

randal grichuk
Randal Grichuk batted .250 in July through 64 at-bats before being optioned to Memphis Tuesday.

And somewhere in there Mike Matheny double-switched out his third, fourth, and fifth hitters. So how much was the skipper to blame?

Bernie aptly covers this topic Wednesday and welcomes ESPN baseball broadcaster, Rick Sutcliffe to the show. Your host also talks the Olympic mess in Rio and delves into the Billkens upcoming hoops season with new men’s head coach, Travis Ford.

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Matheny’s Bad Decisions Are Still Hampering Cardinals’ Progress

Is Mike Matheny to blame for Tuesday’s 7-5 loss? Why did he allow a pitcher to bat in the ninth-inning of a one-run game with the bases juiced? The problem becomes a four-man bench which is really a three-man bench because you have to use your backup catcher sparingly.

Matheny’s decisions will play a major role in how far the team goes and Tuesday’s pathetic loss was a reminder.

Cardinals Must Come Up With a Center Field Plan

Bernie believes Randal Grichuk’s option to Memphis stems from the Mozeliak-Matheny situation. Grichuk believes the option was due to two words: “play everyday.” Mozeliak isn’t afraid to send down a young player if Mike Matheny won’t use him.

Grichuk’s gone from franchise cornerstone in center to a marginal player. The club has to figure out what to do in center before next season. If they believe Grichuk’s the guy they need to play him. Utilize his strong defense and power while living with some strikeouts and slumps.

Major League Baseball News and Notes

The Rockies were hoping to turn their recent summer surge into a fall to remember, but had their dreams sidetracked with Tuesday’s annoucnement of a thumb injury ending Trevor Story’s season.

And several recently traded players had rough debuts in their new colors, as Jay Bruce, Josh Reddick, Matt Kemp, Carlos Beltran, and Jonathan Lucroy went a combined 0-for-18 Tuesday.

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Interview w/ Saint Louis University Men’s Head Basketball Coach Travis Ford

Ford talks about his first 100 days in office, hiring Corey Tate, and takes a look ahead to the 2016-17 season.

“We want to be the basketball team…Not just in St. Louis, but in the state…28 months ago, Billiken basketball was ranked eighth in America. We want to get it back to that.”

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The Mess That is the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics

The lead up to this year’s Rio Summer Olympics has been less than Olympic-like as the games approach amid recent reports of dead bodies and human feces sharing the water where some events will take place.

Complex.com recently listed more items that make these games even weirder, including a 10-foot “wall-of-shame” to hide Rio’s impoverished north side. Rio’s government pretended not to be awful by stating the wall is there as an “acoustic barrier.”

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Interview w/ Former MLB Pitcher and Current ESPN Boradcaster, Rick Sutcliffe

Sutcliffe discusses how today’s teams use relief pitchers and starters, gives his trade deadline winners, and his thoughts on the Cardinals down the stretch.

“You mentioned teams giving away ballgames…That’s what bad teams do. They give you one game out of every three because of their defense…(The Cardinals) have to tighten that defense up.”

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Why the Rams Have a Tough NFC West Road Ahead

Bernie runs down the entire NFC West Division and explains why the Rams will continue to have their hands full with both Seattle and Arizona.

Cardinals Taking on Matheny’s Mindset and It’s Not Good

The 2016 Cardinal Way includes bad baserunning, bad defense, and bad decision making. The latter was on full display in Tuesday’s terrible loss as Mike Matheny made repeated double-switches with a small bench and flew through his bullpen.

The blunders continued with Matt Adams making mistake after mistake at first base. This wasn’t limited to Tuesday though, as mental errors have run rampant throughout 2016.

You have players not knowing who they are while batting, with Aledmys Diaz attempting to bunt over runners and Kolten Wong swinging for the fences. At some point these “errors” have to be looked at as an identity. This isn’t a smart baseball team.

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