Daily Bernie: September 15 – Who’s the Cards’ Shutdown Ace?, College and Pro Football Previews

When their feet are to the fire and they absolutely have to get a victory, who can the Cards turn to for the start? Is there even anyone to turn to? Is Chris Carpenter available?

Bernie ponders these questions (except that last one) on Thursday’s show. You host also welcomes legendary broadcaster Brent Musberger to talk Mizzou’s Saturday throwdown with Georgia and NFL Network’s Jeffri Chadiha to handicap this weekend’s pro football action.

carlos martinez
Carlos Martinez allowed four earned runs through six innings in Wednesday’s loss.

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Martinez Struggles When Cards Need Him Most – Does This Team Have a Shutdown Ace?

A question popped into Bernie’s mind after seeing Carlos Martinez lay an egg in Wednesday afternoon’s loss to the Cubs…Does this team have a starter you can have confidence in to pitch in a big game?

Martinez was on fire early striking out eight Cubs through four innings, but then the wheels fell off. And it was the bottom of Chicago’s order that did him in. Who is this staff’s stopper of an ace?

Interview w/ NFL.com Senior Writer and NFL Network Co-Host – Jeffri Chadiha

Chadiha discusses this weekend’s fun slate of games, the Cowboys and Dak Prescot heading to D.C., and gives his thoughts on the Chiefs and the AFC West.

“I’ll take Washington in that game…I think the Redskins, having won the division last year, They’ve got that edge.”

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Big College Football Saturday Complete With Playoff Implications

It’s a big weekend for four marquee programs whose playoff hopes could go out the window with a loss. Oklahoma welcomes Ohio State to town as Notre Dame hosts Michigan State. Both the Sooners and Irish will try to get through their first three games without two losses.

USC and Ole Miss are the other two programs with a lot to lose as they will square off with Stanford and Alabama respectively. The Big Ten will also get it’s biggest collective challenge of the young season as four of its teams will meet power five conference opponents.

Week 2 and Some NFL Teams Are Already Feeling the Pressure

It’s going bit far to say Week 2 is a “must win” for any team, but 90 percent of teams starting 0-2 since 2007 have failed to reach the postseason. With that being said, there are some matchups this weekend.

It starts tonight with the Jets-Bills in a game where both are fighting for AFC relevancy. Dallas at Washington and Jacksonville at San Diego are two other key games in a busy weekend.

Will the Cubs Force Mozeliak and DeWitt’s Hands Moving Forward?

The Cubs came close to clinching the division this week at Busch Stadium and have usurped the Cardinals in terms of Central Division dominance. The Cards aren’t used to looking up at the Cubs.

Does this mean Bill DeWitt Jr. and John Mozeliak will have to alter their approach to keep up with the Cubbies? This is the first time the duo has had to deal with a highly intelligent and competitive team within the division.

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Interview w/ Legendary ESPN and SEC Network Broadcaster – Brent Musberger

Musberger talks about his Chicago ties, this weekend’s Mizzou-Georgia game, what he likes about the Tigers, and his start in broadcasting.

“I always feel terrible for a fanbase when any team…Whether it’s basketball, football, baseball…moves to a different location because those people have invested so much, more emotionally than financially.”

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Jeff Fisher’s LA Honeymoon Is Already Over

Fisher was already receiving extra national media attention following the Rams’ 28-0 Week 1 loss at San Francisco, but now his new hometown media is starting in as well. ESPN 710, the Rams’ new flagship station, has already begun asking who should replace Fisher.

But ESPN’s John Clayton is reporting the Rams will offer Fisher a three-year extension. This all comes on the heels of a NFL Network report that the 49ers could telegraph every Rams pass and Keyshawn Johnson claiming the Jared Goff pick was forced on Fisher.

Wheels and Bernie Breakdown the Cards-Giants Series

Kevin Wheeler joins Bernie for two segments to talk this weekend’s four-game series between the two enigmatic NL Wild Card contenders.

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