Daily Bernie: September 21 – Who’d You Rather Get? Giants or Mets?, Is Mizzou an SEC East Dark Horse?

The National League Wild Card race has been an erratic game of musical chairs for several weeks now. Not one of the three teams involved seem to want sew up their slot in the crazy race.

Matt Adams
Adams clocked a solo shot in the second inning of Tuesday’s Cardinals victory.

The Cardinals still need to claim one of the two spots, but if they do who would fans want to see them play? Who would they have a better shot against? Bernie ponders this on Wednesday’s show and talks baseball with MLB.com columnist Anthony Castrovince.

Other guests include ESPN college football insider Brett McMurphy and ESPN.com senior college football writer, John Clayton.

7AM Hour

The Murky National League Wild Card Picture

The three-team race between the Cardinals, Mets, and Giants is all knotted up evenly following Tuesday night’s MLB slate. The trio has been trading places for weeks now with each occupying a place in the two-team wild card game.

The Mets seemingly have the clearest route to a spot when the dust settles, as their schedule contains no more playoff teams.

The Giants must continue to play the Dodgers down the stretch while the Cards get three against the Cubs after wrapping up their Colorado series.

Which team would fans like to see the Cardinals play should they reach the play-in game?

Interview w/ ESPN College Football Insider – Brett McMurphy

McMurphy discusses Mizzou as the SEC East’s dark horse, and gives his thoughts on Drew Lock and the SEC vs. Big Ten debate.

“I think (Mizzou is) much better offensively than what I would’ve expected. I knew with Barry Odom there they would be very strong defensively, but I’m surprised how well they’ve done on offense…(Drew Lock) and Chad Kelly would be the top two (quarterbacks) in the SEC.

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National Football League Roundup

A Nevada committee recently voted to allow $750 million to go towards bringing the Raiders to Las Vegas, but Oakland isn’t going away without a fight. Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott is heading a group interested in purchasing the Oakland Coliseum to either renovate it or build another structure to keep the Raiders in town.

Chip Kelly is fielding plenty questions about the 49ers’ quarterback situation, but the head coach is standing pat with Blaine Gabbert this weekend despite the QB completing less than 50 percent of his Week 2 passes. Fans and media are calling for Colin Kaepernick to regain the starting gig.

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Cards’ Balanced Lineup Has Been a Big Key All Season

Matt Adams’ second-inning home run Tuesday was a shot the Rockies never recovered from. From Adams through Adam Wainwright, the bottom four Cardinal hitters all reached base and three scored.

But this par for the course for the 2016 Cardinals. The team is still utilizing the home run ball, but the fact it’s spread throughout the lineup makes them more dangerous.

SEC Football Roundup

SEC Network’s Paul Finebaum stirred the pot this week by saying the Big Ten is currently a better conference than the SEC. Kudos to Finebaum for remaining objective.

And could Mizzou become a dark horse in the SEC East? Bernie doesn’t believe so based on their inability to finish off Georgia and road games at LSU, Florida, and Tennessee.

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9AM Hour

Interview w/ MLB.com Columnist and MLB Network Contributor – Anthony Castrovince

Castrovince weighs in on the NL Wild Card Race and gives his thoughts on the Cardinals and the AL Wild Card race.

“I think there is something to be said sometimes for a young guy who doesn’t know any better and just has good raw stuff and catches a team off guard. I think that can certainly happen.”

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Diaz Working to Build Back Arm Strength

Aledmys Diaz’ arm strength took a hit during the month he spent away with a fractured thumb. The rookie is undergoing a strengthening program much like a starting pitcher would and is doing a lot of it on the job.

Diaz received electric stimulation treatment Tuesday and is working on grip and forearm strength in the weight room. The current plan is to play Diaz several games in a row and give him a break if fatigue sets in.

Interview w/ ESPN.com Senior NFL Writer – John Clayton

Clayton talks about the Seahawks’ struggles against the Rams, Russell Wilson’s recent troubles, turmoil in Washington, and whether the Chiefs are as good as everyone thought.

“They’re not the full Chiefs of last year…If they don’t start fixing things, other teams are starting to pass them and maybe they’re not going to be that nine-win or ten-win team everybody expected.”

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