Daily Bernie: September 29 – Why Do Mo and DeWitt Keep Validating Matheny?

Mike Matheny will most likely still be the Cardinals manager in 2017. So why do the brass above him keep reinforcing this to be the case? And should they reevaluate after this season?

brandon moss 8
Moss was six for his last 82 as of Thursday afternoon.

Bernie tackles this topic on Thursday’s show and also dissects Mizzou’s trip to LSU with Post-Dispatch writer Dave Matter. Other guests include Yahoo Sports NFL writer Eric Edholm and ESPN.com senior baseball writer, Keith Law.

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Runners in Scoring Position Still Cardinals Kryptonite

The Cards may be scoreboard watching, hoping the Mets and Giants lose, but it doesn’t mean a damn thing if the Birds can’t tabulate their own wins. They failed to do so Wednesday, losing 2-1 amid several missed opportunities.

Five opportunities to tie the game arose in the final two innings, but the Cardinals couldn’t cash in and finished the night 0-for-8 with runners in scoring position.

The Time Has Come for Moss to See the Bench

Brandon Moss is searching for any offensive output amid his 6-for-82 slump, but found none Wednesday as he whiffed on a chance to give the Cards a sixth-inning lead. It was one of two Moss strikeouts on the night which brings his total to 34 over his last 88 at-bats.

Mike Matheny has been patient enough. It’s time to try something new. This isn’t to knock Moss, who helped in a big way to have them competing for the postseason, but it’s doing no good sending him out there again and again amidst the struggles.

NFL Truth or Trap

Truth or trap? The Bengals are in the most trouble out of all the league’s current 1-2 teams. Rex Ryan will save his job with a win over the Patriots. Bernie tells whether these and other states are truths or traps.

Drew Lock and Mizzou to Face Toughest Offensive Challenge to Date at LSU

Lock has thrown for 300-plus yards each of the past three games. Can that streak continue Saturday at LSU? Mizzou’s scheme certainly gives them the opportunity, but history shows it will be tough going.

LSU didn’t allow one 300-plus yard game in 2014 and allowed only two in 2015. This is the fewest among SEC West teams in that time span. Their pass rush and home atmosphere could be too much for Mizzou’s Tigers.

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Why Do DeWitt and Mozeliak Feel the Need to Validate Matheny Going Forward?

Bill DeWitt Jr. and John Mozeliak have both gone out of their way to reassure media Mike Matheny’s job won’t be in jeopardy after the season. But was there ever really a question of this?

Why do they feel the need to go out on a limb for their manager in this way? The media aren’t screaming for his job, but should Cardinals brass reassess the situation in the offseason?

Interview w/ Post-Dispatch Mizzou Beat Writer – Dave Matter

Matter talks Saturday’s Mizzou-LSU matchup, the test involved with facing an interim coach, and how Drew Lock may fare against the LSU defense.

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Tim Tebow Makes Haters Everywhere Angry With Home Run

Tebow got his first shot to show everything he’s done was worth it Wednesday afternoon. The former NFL quarterback launched an opposite field homer on the first pitch he saw.

He went 1-for-6 on the day and hit four balls hard and all to the opposite field. Tebow was admittedly late with his swing, but also said he wants to be able to take balls gap to gap.

Interview w/ Yahoo Sports NFL Writer – Eric Edholm

Edholm and Bernie discuss which of the league’s undefeated teams currently face the most questions.

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Five SEC Questions

What SEC coach has the most to lose this weekend? Which skill position players are the most overlooked or overrated? Bernie looks at these questions and three more as the weekend approaches.

Interview w/ ESPN Senior Baseball Writer – Keith Law

Law and Bernie talk baseball’s youth movement, copycatting being prevalent throughout sports, and Law gives his thoughts on Luke Weaver and Alex Reyes.

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