Redbird Rejects Ep. 27 – Amazing MLB Playoffs, Options for Carlos Martinez

No Cardinals, but this is a hell of a season for the MLB playoffs. We’re talking that, and the Cards’ postseason options.

Here’s the rundown:
00:15 It’s a hell of a season to watch MLB playoffs. Goodness.
02:30 Anyone have Conor Gillaspie as their playoff hero? No? Okay.
07:00 Kershaw gets the start for the Dodgers. Thoughts?
12:00 Terry Francona plays every game like it’s his last.
15:00 Adios, Big Papi. Anticlimactic sendoff for a hell of a career.
16:00 Is David Ortiz a Hall of Fame guy? Will the Mitchell Report hurt his case?
21:15 Would Matt Carpenter be able to make the switch from 3B to 1B?
25:00 Talking extension candidates for the Cardinals
25:45 What’s the move for Carlos Martinez? Will his agent screw up the deal?

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