Daily Bernie: October 18 – Hitch’s System Is Key to Goalies’ Success, Enough About Cubs Playing ‘Loose!’

Brian Elliott’s franchise record for shutouts is no small feat considering some of the men who have tended the Blues’ goal throughout history. “Moose” was beloved by St. Louis fans for good reason.

Jake Allen
Jake Allen has 59 career wins for the Blues.

The franchise trading Elliott to Calgary last spring was a gut-punch for many, but Bernie’s here to tell you it will be okay. Ken Hitchcock’s defensive strategy has worked for just about every tender who’s worked for him.

Your host broaches this subject on Tuesday’s show and tell you why he’s tired of hearing about the Chicago Cubs’ “loose” play. Guests include Sports Illustrated baseball writer Joe Sheehan, USA Today NFL writer Jarrett Bell, and ESPN college football writer Adam Rittenberg.

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Front Page: MLS Eyeing STL Stadium Site, Cardinals Coaching Changes

Derrick May, a longtime Cardinals coach and major league assistant hitting coach this past season, is leaving the organization as part of expected coaching changes this week. There will most likely be two open spots on Mike Matheny’s staff with the additional news Jose Oquendo will remain in Florida.

And Foundry St. Louis, the potential local MLS ownership group, has been in contact with Saint Louis University about building a stadium on a 13-acre SLU-owned site at the northwest corner of Chouteau and South Grand. SLU officials are reportedly interested.

Dodgers Once Again Proving Injuries Are No Excuse

There has never been a first place team quite like the 2016 Los Angeles Dodgers. How else can one explain the team having a better record after Clayton Kershaw’s injury than before? Or that they’ve made it this far with having 28 different players on the DL this season?

The Dodgers also had 15 different 2016 starting pitchers. Does this not make the Cardinals’ “too many options” excuse null and void?

Interview w/ USA Today Senior NFL Columnist – Jarrett Bell

Bell and Bernie discuss the league’s ratings decline, whether it’s something to be worried about, Aaron Rodgers’ struggles, and what it will take to stop the Cowboys.

“The league has been saying the presidential election has changed viewing habits of people and that’s kind of had an impact…I believe there’s something to that, but I also believe there’s something to the protests…”

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Blues’ Goalie Success is About One Guy: Ken Hitchcock

Much fuss was made of the Blues trading Brian Elliott to Calgary, but Bernie says not to fret. Elliott was historically great at times and in the playoffs, but the main ingredient for the Blues’ success in net is Ken Hitchcock’s system.

The numbers help tell the tale, as the Note have ranked near the NHL’s top in goals-against through most of Hitch’s St. Louis tenure. This isn’t to say goalie play doesn’t matter, but it’s no coincidence they have more success under Hitchcock.

Jake Allen’s numbers match up with Elliott’s in the long haul and Allen fits the Blues’ new emphasis on quickness better than his former teammate.

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What Trevor Bauer’s Drone Accident Could Mean for Cleveland

We all know the story by now. Trevor Bauer cut his hand playing with his drone, but the Indians won anyway and now lead the ALCS 3-0. Funny headlines about “stopping the bleeding” are abound today.

But this could be more than a funny pun if Bauer can’t patch the hand before the World Series should Cleveland make it. It’s already led to Corey Kluber making his first start on short rest today due to Cleveland wearing their bullpen out after Bauer’s hand started bleeding Monday.

Interview w/ ESPN College Football Reporter and ‘Championship Drive’ Podcast Host – Adam Rittenberg

Rittenberg discusses the Big 12 not expanding, Brian Kelly’s Notre Dame job security, and whether Alabama can be beaten this season.

“It’s going to be very hard to beat [Alabama], but any team in this sport is beatable. We’ve seen that…You almost have to look at what you do and then do the opposite because Alabama is so good at scouting.”

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Jeff Fisher’s Back at .500 Again

Fisher’s Rams committed an age old football sin Sunday by crashing the Detroit Lions’ victory formation and disrupting a kneel-down. The coach claimed the call did not come from the sideline, and it may not have, but his rep for dirty tactics adds skepticism.

However, one thing Fisher is responsible for is kicking media out of the locker room following the team’s tough loss Sunday. All this just a week after he trolled Bruce Arians and the Cardinals after winning in Arizona.

Enough With the Chicago Media’s Slobbering Over the Cubs’ ‘Looseness’

Guess who’s back again? It’s the fainting Chicago sports media. If the team ever needs a quick pick-me-up after a loss they needn’t look further than their local scribes, who will fall over themselves to describe that the team is indeed “loose.”

ESPN’s Jesse Rogers is the latest to fall victim to this trap after writing a story titled, “The Moment Joe Maddon Knew the Cubs Were Over Their Game 2 Loss.” It’s a piece filled with Maddon quotes that the coach fed the media himself after landing in Los Angeles.

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Tuesday’s National Football League Takeaways

Bernie lists all his takeaways from Week 6, which includes trying to figure out who has kidnapped Aaron Rodgers and who the imposter playing quarterback for Green Bay is.

Interview w/ Sports Illustrated Baseball Writer – Joe Sheehan

Sheehan talks Terry Francona’s bullpen tactics, Francona’s Hall of Fame resume, and gives his thoughts on the perceived Cubs offensive woes.

“Francona’s last two jobs have been for some of the most forward thinking front offices in the game. He’s been a good fit and I think that’s the model for managers now. Teams want to hire managers that are going to work with the front office.”

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