Daily Bernie: October 25 – Cards Fans Should Take the High Road, Blues Getting Scoring Chances

We get it. It’s tough for any fanbase to watch the hated rivals compete for a title, especially when they’ve been the ‘cute’ little team no one ever feared for so long. This is all the more reason Cardinals Nation should tip your cap and take the high road over the next week.

vladimir tarasenko
Vladimir Tarasenko has 31 shots and four goals this season.

Bernie gives plenty of coping mechanisms for this Fall Classic and reminds all listeners to drink responsibly.

Your host welcomes Chris Rose and Joe Sheehan to break down the series.

We’ve also got some Blues hockey talk on today’s show as the Note preps to face Brian Elliott and the Flames tonight at Scottrade Center.

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Tuesday’s NFL Week 7 Takeaways

Adam Vinatieri is the best kicker in NFL history and could very well become the league’s all-time leading scorer.

Bernie tells you why in this week’s takeaways and explains why Brock Osweiler is football’s version of Jason Heyward.

Travis Ford Continues Turning SLU Into the State’s Best Hoops Program

The Billikens’ new head coach is quickly adding the talent necessary to move SLU back to the top of the A-10. Ford has landed high-quality recruits in his short time here and has just added a four-star power forward in Hasahn French.

French didn’t crack ESPN’s top 100, but is ranked the 2017 class’ 24th best power forward. The Massachusetts product chose SLU over UMASS, UNLV, and Marquette and should become one of the top faces of local college basketball.

Interview w/ Co-Host of MLB Network’s Intentional Talk – Chris Rose

Rose talks about Cleveland being the current center of the sports world, what the Indians must do to defeat the Cubs, and what chances he gives the Tribe of pulling the upset.

“I’ve talked to several of the Indians since then and they felt something different after LeBron [addressed the fans]…It’s literally like a king coming down to address all his followers and it’s made a difference during their run.”

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A Cardinal Fan’s Coping Guide to Seeing the Cubs in the World Series

It’s not easy seeing the Cubs still playing on Oct. 25, but show some class, people. You’ll feel better for it in the long run. Also, drink heavily if need be, but please do so responsibly.

These are just two of Bernie’s coping mechanisms for the currently distraught Cards fan. At least we won’t have to listen to all the “woe is me” crap anymore if they win one. Right?

Should Hitch Be Surprised the Blues Are Getting So Many Scoring Chances?

Ken Hitchcock says he’s surprised his team is getting so many offensive opportunities. The Note are currently averaging just over 30 shots a game with Vladimir Tarasenko leading the team with 31 on the season.

Is this just the veteran coach putting spin on a young team? The team currently has six power play goals and only 13 at even strength. This is something they must improve on.

Interview w/ Writer For Yahoo Sports’ Shutdown Corner – Frank Schwab

Schwab talks Matt Stafford and the Lions’ ascent and why Jeff Fisher refuses to play Jared Goff over Case Keenum at quarterback.

“Goff might be terrible…They see him in practice everyday, right?..We saw him in preseason and he didn’t look good and they know what Case Keenum is and [Goff’s] still not playing.”

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Cubs and Indians’ World Series Keys to Victory

The key matchup here is the Cubs rotation going up against the Indians bullpen. Both areas have been strong throughout these playoffs, which begs the question of which team has an offensive advantage.

Bernie breaks down what should be an exciting World Series and explains why baserunning will play a major factor.

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Why Is Nick Saban Better Than Everyone Else in College Football?

Saban and Alabama have won 20 consecutive games causing many to wonder if anyone will ever beat the Crimson Tide. This Saban’s longest streak and eight off Bama’s school record.

So how’s this guy so darn good? People have begun making a correlation between Saban’s Alabama program and Bill Belichick’s Patriots.

NBA Preview: How Intriguing Can It Be With Two Contenders Then Everyone Else?

LeBron James may not want to shortchange the rest of the field, but everyone else is. Cleveland and Golden State are the only two teams anyone is talking about. They’ve been put into a tier entitled, “Trilogy Participants” by ESPN’s Zach Lowe.

Is this good for the league? You’ll hear some chatter about Phil Jackson’s Knicks or Brad Steven’s Celtics, but it still comes down to the Warriors and Cavs. The season kicks off tonight.

Interview w/ Sports Illustrated Baseball Writer – Joe Sheehan

Sheehan shares Cleveland’s only shot at upsetting the Cubs and talks the Indians’ speed game and early leads being important to both sides.

“The Indians absolutely have to win two Kluber starts and then take it from there. I’m not sure there’s a path for them if they lose even one of Corey Kluber’s starts.”

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