Daily Bernie: October 28 – Hitch Talks Young Note Squad, Should Blues Fans Be Considered ‘Long Suffering?’

Ken Hitchcock believes this young Blues team is experiencing growing pains. He also believes it’s not a bad deal to currently have 10 points despite scoring only one goal in four of their five games.

Hitch chats with Jeremy Rutherford and Mike Young Friday about the good and bad he’s seen thus far this season.

kevin shattenkirk
Kevin Shattenkirk scored the lone Blues goal (3) in Thursday’s loss to Detroit.

And with the Cubs or Indians about end a long championship drought, JR and Mike discuss other long-suffering fan bases around the country. Where do Blues fans fit in here?

Other guests include Bleacher Report NFL writer Jason Cole, World Series champion Gary Bennett, and former Indians pitcher and current analyst Jensen Lewis.

7AM Hour

Blues Fall to Red Wings Despite Strong Start

The Note dropped their second straight game Thursday night, falling 2-1 to Detroit in a shootout loss. The Blues have been held to a single goal in four of their past five games.

Kevin Shattenkirk had team’s lone goal in the loss while Alexander Steen converted their only shootout netter. The 4-3 Kings come to town Saturday for what is always a tough matchup for the Note.

Interview w/ Bleacher Report NFL Writer – Jason Cole

Cole joins the show to talk the Titans’ position in the AFC South, the NFL in London, the Raiders in Las Vegas, and why Matt Ryan is under more pressure than Aaron Rodgers.

“I don’t think they’re ever going to have a team in London. It’s too difficult…If you’re a free agent and you have a family with wife and kids, do you really want to be that far away from your family?”

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Are the Cubs Under More Pressure at Home in Wrigley?

Does the fact a World Series game hasn’t been played in the ‘Friendly Confines’ since 1945 put more pressure on the Cubbies? Joe Maddon’s relaxed approach could be tailor made for this situation.

Or can Terry Francona relay his past experiences to the Indians’ benefit? Either way, Game 2 is a biggie for both sides.

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8AM Hour

Interview w/ St. Louis Blues Head Coach – Ken Hitchcock

Hitch talks Thursday’s loss to Detroit, where he sees the team struggling  most, Jaden Schwartz’ strengths playing center, and Saturday’s game with the Kings.

“None of this is surprising and I think it’s predictable when you make the changes we did in the offseason…We’re trying to integrate younger players higher up in the lineup and new players in also.”

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Kyle Schwarber Not Cleared to Play the Field

The Cubs will have one less dangerous bat Friday night as Schwarber did not get the medical go-ahead to play defense. Schwarber’s become this World Series’ biggest story after returning from injury for two hits and two RBI’s in Game 2.

The decision was made by Schwarber, the team, and doctors who repaired the outfielder’s MCL and ACL last spring. The Cubs appear to be looking out for their player’s best interest.

Interview w/ 2006 World Series Champion and Chicago Native – Gary Bennett

Bennett joins to discuss the current Chicago atmosphere, Kyle Schwarber not being cleared to play, Terry Francona’s managerial skills, and who should play RF in place of Schwarber.

“[Francona] treated [players] one-through-25 the same everyday. You get some managers and some coaches that are front-runners and if you’re not one of the big boys they’ll walk right on by you.”

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National Football League ‘Five for Friday’

The Bengals and Redskins square off in London Sunday morning. First off, will we ever see a team based in London? Second off, which one of these two teams are you buying more this season?

JR and Mike break down this and four other Week 8 matchups.

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9AM Hour

Sports Fandom Misery Index: What Other Fan Bases Have Suffered Long Enough?

One long-suffering baseball fan base or another will end a long championship drought in the coming days. What other fan bases have suffered far too long? Would the Blues be in the discussion?

Does a team like the Indians who often miss the postseason get elevated over the Blues, who make the playoffs to no avail? Is there any fan base more miserable than the Cleveland Browns? Where would Mizzou fall into the discussion?

Who’s More Disappointing: Illinois or Mizzou?

Our two closest Division-I football teams are both currently 2-5. Illinois has one Big-10 victory while Mizzou still searches for this season’s first in SEC play.

Both teams have regressed this year, but did the Tigers have larger expectations? Does Mizzou’s defensive meltdown make them more disappointing? Does the Lovie Smith hire make Illini more so?

Interview w/ Former Cleveland Indians Pitcher and Current Fox Sports Ohio Analyst – Jensen Lewis

Lewis talks the Tribe’s recipe to defeating the Cubs, what they can draw from Game 2’s loss, and Terry Francona’s message heading into Game 3.

“[The Cubs] struggle with the breaking ball and that was really something that was exposed by Corey Kluber in Game 1…I think that’s what Trevor Bauer got away from in Game 2 and it allowed that Cubs lineup to put together some runs early.”

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