Daily Bernie: Nov. 2 – Cards Must Up NL Central Ante, Game 7 Preview, Blues Lay an Egg

Whether the Cubs win or lose this World Series, they have certainly raised the NL Central bar. The Cardinals can no longer be comfortable winning 90 games because their chief rivals will likely win 95 or more.

Jake Allen
Jake Allen allowed four goals and made 16 saves in Tuesday’s 5-0 loss to the Rangers.

Bernie discusses this with ESPN baseball writer David Schoenfield on Wednesday’s program and looks at what should be a great Game 7 from every possible angle.

Other guests include CBS college football writer Jerry Palm and ProFootballTalk creator, Mike Florio.

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Cubs Beat Up Tomlin to Force Game 7

Josh Tomlin hung a costly curve ball to Kris Bryant last night as Bryant sent it deep into the left field seats to give the Cubs the early lead. Bryant’s bomb was just the beginning of a big Cubs night at the dish with Addison Russell adding six RBI’s.

A storyline dominating today’s World Series coverage is Joe Maddon’s decision to bring in closer Aroldis Chapman in the seventh inning. Could this move come back to bite Maddon and the Cubs?

Perfect Ending to a Great World Series?

Bernie discusses how great it would be for Cubs fans and Chicago should the team pull off the series comeback. Your host also plays devil’s advocate as he wonders about old “billy goat” talk continuing should the Cubbies lose.

If the Indians win, the storyline should reflect as much instead of a “Cubs choke” narrative.

Interview w/ CBSSports.com Senior College Football Writer – Jerry Palm

Palm talks this week’s playoff rankings, Texas A&M landing at No. 4, how the Big Ten fared, and Baylor being overrated.

“There’s a lot of college football left to play which is why it’s really too early to be [releasing playoff rankings.] It doesn’t really educate…It’s going to change.”

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World Series Game 7 Memories

Bernie talks historic Game 7 memories and gauges the Cubs and Indians’ chances according to history. It all adds up to great drama and a historic conclusion no matter which team goes home champions.

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Interview w/ Writer for ESPN.com’s Sweet Spot Baseball Blog – David Schoenfield

Schoenfield talks Game 6, Maddon’s decision to use Chapman early, and what this Cubs run means for the Cardinals moving forward.

“[The Cardinals] have to aim bigger now because the Cubs are going to win 95 to 100 games the next five years and maybe more…”

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Three Blues Takeaways After 5-0 Loss to Rangers

It wasn’t pretty, but lets not get lazy and blame Jake Allen. Last night’s loss is enough to kick the wind out of you, but it’s also the first real test for the new leadership group.

World Series Game 7: Where the Indians’ Hope Lies

Wednesday’s 9-3 loss was plenty successful in tossing momentum to the Cubs, but did Cleveland lose in the best possible way? They have a fresh bullpen and and their ace on the mound in Game 7.

Aroldis Chapman was also used longer than normal and isn’t having Terry Francona on the bench always a positive? This group’s experience with adversity should help them as well.

What You Should Know About the College Football Playoff Rankings

The selection committee released their first College Football Playoff rankings this week and there are a few things everyone should know about them. First off, they don’t mean a whole hell of a lot. The rankings will only matter when they go out Dec. 4.

That said, the rankings aren’t entirely inconsequential. They give us a peek into how the selection committee is judging their choices. Alabama, Clemson, Michigan, and Texas A&M top the first list. Any surprises here?

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Interview w/ ProFootballTalk Creator and Writer – Mike Florio

Florio talks Cam Newton’s recent remarks on NFL officiating, potential Raiders and Chargers moves, and a gambling decline on football.

“I hope [the NFL is] spending the time to get to the bottom of [declining ratings], fix the problem, and fix it better than they fixed the kickoff return rule.”

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World Series Game 7: What to Expect

This is what we all wanted all along, right? This World Series deserves to go the distance with nerve racking, nail biting drama down to the final out. One franchise will revel while the other freezes for a grim winter.

Anything and everything is possible in a Game 7. We could see the entire Cubs rotation in relief of Kyle Hendricks, or we could see Andrew Miller and Cody Allen pitch more than Corey Kluber and Hendricks combined. Therein lies the beauty.

Five Chicken Fried SEC Football Questions

Is there a reason to believe LSU could upset Alabama Saturday night in Baton Rouge? Deep down, how good are the Florida Gators? Bernie answers these and three other chicken fried football questions this segment.

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