Daily Bernie: Dec. 1 – Armstrong Deserves Credit for Perron Signing; ASG Back to Normal

The Blues’ signing of David Perron wasn’t met with overwhelming enthusiasm this past offseason, but the once and current Blue is making sure good vibes surround his latest stint.

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Blues GM Doug Armstrong

Bernie welcomes Jeremy Rutherford to discuss all things Blues, including Doug Armstrong’s hand in putting Perron back in a Blue Note sweater.

Bernie also welcomes Joe Sheehan to discuss the MLB All-Star Game no longer determining World Series home-field advantage, and NFL columist Bob Glauber.

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Hat’s Off to Major League Baseball and the MLBPA

the league and its players association reached a new five-year collective bargaining agreement Wednesday that enables labor peace through 2021. MLB clearly learned a lesson from the 1994-95 strike.

Since that time, the NBA, NHL, and NFL have had a combined seven work stoppages.

Are Winston and Mariota Setting Up Historic Careers?

Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota were drafted respectivelt at one and two in 2015, and both have their teams currently in playoff contention.

They were the sixth quarterback duo taken at the draft’s top since 1967 and have a long way to go to catch Jim Plunkett and Archie Manning from 1971. But they’re off to a good start.

Interview w/ St. Louis Post-Dispatch Blues Writer and 101ESPN Insider – Jeremy Rutherford

JR joins to talk Ken Hitchcock’s recent mood, the Note’s recent run, and Doug Armstrong deserving success for acquiring David Perron.

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Jeff Fisher Makes It Too Easy..

Rams COO Kevin Demoff defended Jeff Fisher Wednesday and hinted the coach will return next season. All this despite Fisher’s recent public feud with Eric Dickerson and general ineptitude..

If all this wasn’t enough, the coach made another recent gaffe on a conference call with New England’s sporting press, referring to “Danny” and “Brandon” as Patriots running backs.

A Rams spokesman said “Danny” is Danny Amendola (not a running back), and “Brandon” is Brandon Bolden. Bolden hasn’t carried the ball since Week 4.

All-Star Game No Longer Determines World Series Home Field

The new collective bargaining agreement stipulates World Series home-field advantage will now be determined by best regular season record.

Critics rightly claimed the All-Star Game was a bad way to determine home-field, a sometimes major factor on World Series outcomes. Is this is the new CBA’s biggest win?

National Football League ‘Truth or Trap?’

Jerry Jones and other team owners will not allow the league to abolish regular Thursday night games. Is this truth or trap?

Bernie tackles this and other bold statements this segment.

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Interview w/ New York Newsday NFL Columnist – Bob Glauber

Glauber discusses Thursday night’s Cowboys-Vikings matchup, Dallas’ biggest NFC competition, and the Dolphins’ success.

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Major League Baseball Roundup

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting Andrew McCutchen “might be the most likely” big offseason target to be traded. The Rangers and Nationals have both surfaced as potential suitors.

ESPN’s Buster Olney reports the Cubs signed Jon Jay in place of a pricier bat because they’re planning for something bigger in the future. This could mean a run Shohei Otani, MVP of Japan’s Pacific League, who’s expected to be next winter’s most sough-after player.

Interview w/ Sports Illustrated Baseball Writer – Joe Sheehan

Sheehan joins to talk the baseball’s new CBA, the All-Star Game becoming an exhibition again, and Justin Turner’s pros and cons.

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