Daily Bernie: Dec. 15 – Encarnacion’s Camp Falls Behind; Blues Can’t Shake ‘Negatives’

There’s both good and bad intrigue surrounding St. Louis’ sports landscape and Bernie has you covered on it all Thursday.

Blues GM Doug Armstrong

Edwin Encarnacion’s name has been tossed around a lot in St. Louis, but what hasn’t been discussed is his camp apparently scaring teams off with their prices. Yahoo Sports’ Jeff Passan describes how Encarnacion’s personnel may have over-kicked their free agency coverage.

And who better than Blues GM Doug Armstrong to talk the team’s recent poor road play. Army believes the problem may be between the team’s collective ears.

Your host also welcomes Sports Business Journal’s Daniel Kaplan to talk whether some NFL owners may regret giving Stan Kroenke the keys to the LA market.

7AM Hour

Why the Cardinals Need Fowler’s Clubhouse Presence

Plenty has been made of Dexter Fowler’s leadership abilities since his signing with the Cardinals. How much impact will this have on Mike Matheny’s stale approach to the squad?

Matheny said his team was setting out to “have more fun” during last year’s spring training. Is Fowler the key to accomplishing this?

Who Won the Infamous Rams-Redskins ‘RGIII Trade?’

You remember said trade, right? This was the one that would change both franchise trajectories for years to come. Where does it stand now?

The Washington Post sees it as “NFL ebola: Everyone who touched it needs to be quarantined.” Kirk Cousins may be the only winner to come from this trade.

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Interview w/ Sports Business Journal NFL Reporter – Daniel Kaplan

Kaplan talks the Chargers’ potential move to LA, the San Diego and Oakland markets, and whether some are second guessing whether Stan Kroenke was the right owner for LA.

“It was all about [Kroenke’s] wallet…[The league and owners] knew what they were getting. Many people mentioned this…’You’ll have empty seats by years two or three in LA.'”

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Kim Anderson and the State of Mizzou Basketball

Anderson is 24-48 in his tenure as Tigers head coach with a 6-30 SEC mark that isn’t likely to get better this season. Is there any doubt this will be his last season?

Mizzou has scored less than 55 points 17 times under Anderson, something which happened only four times from 2010 through 2013.

Interview w/ Yahoo Sports Baseball Columnist – Jeff Passan

Passan discusses the potential of Edwin Encarnacion becoming a Cardinal and the current lack of a big bat in their lineup’s middle portion.

“The Edwin Encarnacion camp is spinning its tires. They don’t know where he’s going…They made a mistake at the beginning by setting the market too high and scaring away teams.”

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9AM Hour

National Football League ‘Truth or Trap’

The Chiefs hold the AFC’s second best record and are coming off an impressive prime-time win, but is it truth or trap that they’re still not New England’s largest competition?

Bernie ponders this and others from around the league this segment.

Interview w/ St. Louis Blues President of Hockey Operations and General Manager – Doug Armstrong

Army discusses the disparity between the team’s home and away records, why Brad Hunt’s found success, and if the center position is a concern.

“When we have negative things happen to us, we’re not able to shake it quick enough…Instead of a three or four minute swarm by the other team, it can go into seven, eight, nine minutes and that expends a lot of energy.”

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