Daily Bernie: Dec. 27 – Cards Pursuing Brian Dozier?; Wall-to-Wall NFL Week 16 Coverage

Bernie is out, but Anthony Stalter and Mike Young have your morning covered with plenty of end-of-season NFL talk, and discussion on whether pursuing Brian Dozier is really a wise way to beef up the Cards defense.

Todd Gurley rushed for 67 yards on 23 carries in the Rams’ Week 16 loss to San Francisco.

Tuesday’s guest is USA Today NFL columnist and ESPN contributor Jarrett Bell.

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Injuries Dominate NFL Week 16

Saturday was a brutal day to be an NFL quarterback. Oakland’s Derek Carr, Tennessee’s Marcus Mariota, the Jets’ Bryce Petty, and Cleveland’s Robert Griffin III were all knocked out of their respective games.

Carr is the biggie, as he fractured his tibia and underwent surgery Tuesday. He was an MVP candidate much of the season and was recently named to his second Pro Bowl.

Are the Steelers New England’s Toughest AFC Competition?

Antonio Brown, Ben Roethlisberger, and Le’Veon Bell are three reasons you probably don’t want to play the Steelers right now. But do these weapons make them the Patriots’ biggest AFC obstacle?

The Chiefs have a good enough makeup to make the Pats sweat, but the Roethlisberger-Mike Tomlin combo might be more trustworthy.

What Happened to the Seattle Seahawks?

The Seahawks have dropped three of their last five and all of sudden don’t look like the Super Bowl contenders who beat New England six weeks ago.

They’ve lost players to injury, but is this reason enough for such a downturn?

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Cardinals Showing Interest in Brian Dozier

The Cards have joined the Dodgers as teams “very much interested” in Dozier’s services. The second baseman is coming off a season where he set the American League record for dingers at his position.

Kolten Wong would surely be a part of a deal for Dozier, a roughly average second baseman. It’s interesting the Birds are coming up in connections with big names, but would Dozier help the infield defense?

Next to the Browns, Are the Rams the NFL’s Worst Team?

The Rams have now lost twice in their homecoming season to the rival 49ers. And the Niners haven’t beaten anyone of note all year.

Despite drafting Todd Gurley and a slew of offensive linemen, the team has rushed for only 1,200 yards this season. What happened?

The Cowboys’ Biggest NFC Competition Is?

Dallas knew they owned the conference’s No. 1 playoff seed, but they still put on a show at home against the Lions. So who’s left to stop the Boys?

The Giants? The Seahawks? The Packers? Is it really left to the Falcons? Anthony and Mike break it down this segment.

Do Meaningless College Bowls Still Have Meaning to Coaches and Players?

Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald has taken his team to seven straight bowl games and doesn’t want to hear that they’re “meaningless.”

Is the coach onto something here? There are currently 40 bowl games. Is there really a point to this many games?

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9AM Hour

Interview w/ USA Today NFL Columnist and ESPN Contributor – Jarrett Bell

Bell joins to discuss the league’s MVP race, best defensive player, the Cowboys’ biggest competition, and Patriots’ biggest obstacle.

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Is Mike Tomlin Not One of the NFL’s Best Head Coaches?

Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw recently called Tomlin “a great cheerleader guy.” Hasn’t Bradshaw’s former team won seven of 10 division titles under Tomlin?

This has sparked debate of where Tomlin ranks among current head coaches. How valuable are most head coaches in general?

‘To Tell the Truth’ Tuesday

Anthony and Mike hit you right between the eyes with their honesty on everything sports this segment.

Example: Stalter says small-market teams are small market because their owners won’t spend money…Not because they can’t.

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