Isaac Bruce Says Greatest Show on Turf Should’ve Won ‘Three or Four’ Titles

Isaac Bruce is treating his NFL Hall of Fame candidacy like he treated any of his storied career’s offensive drives. He’s not celebrating until he reaches the endzone.

Bruce caught 1,024 NFL passes and scored 91 career touchdowns.

That doesn’t mean the Rams legend isn’t enjoying the moment though.

“I’m more grateful than excited,” Bruce recently told Kevin Wheeler. “I think people are more excited for me. But me, there’s more gratitude there.”

“I’m more excited about being able to celebrate this right near the city of St. Louis,” Bruce added “It’ll be a great opportunity for them and we’re going to have fun doing it.”

Indeed, bereft St. Louis football fans will always have their fond memories of The Greatest Show on Turf with Bruce, Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Torry Holt, Orlando Pace…We could go on. It was a singular moment in sports to have a football team who seemingly scored at will.

“It kind of makes me shake my head sometimes that we only brought back one Super Bowl,” Bruce said.

“I know a lot of people won’t say that, but that’s kind of where my thinking is. We should’ve really just been greedy and just honed in and tried to win three or four. Especially with all these guys getting these gold jackets.”

Faulk and Pace are already enshrined in Canton, with Bruce and Warner both making this year’s list of finalists. This is Bruce’s first bid and longtime voter Bernie Miklasz recently said the receiver’s position could hurt his chances this go-round. The field of 15 will have to be thinned to five between now and Super Bowl Sunday.

But Bruce doesn’t seem to be sweating it, and remembers well the special Rams group he was a part of.

“I think about what we had as a team, as a unit. Most of all, just the characters. Just the personalities of the players and the truly good-hearted people that I played with and had as teammates.

“Then you talk about the talent these guys had just as far as being football players. Guys that would go out and compete very hard and were at the top of their games. We saw some of these guys in their peak moments. I was grateful to see that.”

“The Reverend” discussed the current Atlanta Falcons squad’s similarities to his Rams teams, along with what it was like seeing the Rams relocated back to LA. Those topics can be found below along with the interview’s full audio.

On the Falcons’ similarities to his former Rams teams:

“They do have a really great offense…A great receiver in Julio Jones. I think the running game they have is really strong. And Matt [Ryan], he’s been an elite quarterback this year…It all boils down to what you can do up front as far as your offensive line is concerned. As long as they can try and keep Ryan upright, that’ll be their main focus as they try and make it to a Super Bowl.”

“What we did and what we were able to do, taking the shots down field that we did…You’ve got to have an Orlando Pace. You’ve got to have an [Adam] Timmerman. You’ve got to have guys that have been there and are hungry at the same time…These guys would really go out and compete and try to mash their guy out. And they did it on many occasions.”

On witnessing the Rams going back to Los Angeles:

“For me, it was something that I had experienced. I went from LA to St. Louis. Initially, that was weird to me, but once I got to St. Louis…I was becoming a man in St. Louis…I became a St. Louisan.”

“Like I said from the beginning when this started to happen, the people who I feel for are the fans. The fans were very knowledgeable in football. They supported us from the day one I set foot on the field there. They embraced me and I developed a strong relationship with the city of St. Louis. I don’t think that will ever change.”