Redbird Rejects Ep. 46 – Cardinals Open Season and Lock Down Young Guys

The Cardinals are finally playing games that count, and after Piscotty’s signing, BT and Dunc are wondering why they never pulled Mozeliak aside to talk long-term contract.

Here’s the rundown:
01:00 Opening Day felt like the World Series and Carlos Martinez looked solid.
03:00 Randal Grichuk’s stance and approach at the plate is looking better.
11:00 Is the Stephen Piscotty signing a good deal for both sides?
12:00 That time Larry Walker and Brad Thompson compared paychecks
18:00 Previewing the rest of the Cardinals vs. Cubs series
22:00 Jake Arrieta is pitching for that big contract.
30:00 Who will hit fourth for the Cardinals most of the season?

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