Daily Bernie: Apr. 24 – All Hail Yeo and Armstrong!; Wong and Grichuk Come Up Big in MIL

Many folks were calling for Doug Armstrong’s head around the time he dismissed best friend Ken Hitchcock and promoted Mike Yeo and this trend stuck around when the GM traded away Kevin Shattenkirk.

To date, the Blues are 22-8-1 under Yeo and have allowed only 1.88 goals-per-game since handing him the reigns. They’re also 4-1 in the postseason and have scored more goals-per-game (2.95) since the Shattenkirk trade than before (2.80).

Blues general manager, Doug Armstrong

We should probably defer to the Blues head coach and GM from here on out and Bernie runs down the duo’s short term accomplishments on Monday’s program and looks ahead to the Nashville series.

Your host also looks at Kolten Wong, Randal Grichuk and Jedd Gyorko’s offensive output in Milwaukee and talks Cardinals baseball with our insider Jen Langosch.

New Fairmont Park track announcer Keith Nelson rounds out Monday’s guests.

7 a.m. Hour

No longer the ‘same old Blues’

A certain faction of Blues fans have had a usual sense of dread in any postseason series for years now. Their hearts have been broken too many times.

We need to change our mindset with this team. The current crop is playoff-seasoned and know what it takes to win. These Blues have finally reversed the old trend.

Cardinals’ rotation continues to mask other issues

The Cardinals have won six of their last seven largely on their rotation’s backs, and have done so despite more shoddy defense and baserunning.

Mike Leake and Lance Lynn both turned in quality starts in Milwaukee, silencing Brewers bats despite errors in the field and basepaths. They can’t count on winning this way forever, but it’s worked recently and helped them out of a big slump.

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8 a.m. Hour

All hail Yeo and Armstrong!

Mike Yeo has amassed a 22-8-1 regular season record and a 4-1 postseason mark with the Blues thus far. The Note have also allowed 1.88 goals-per-game under Yeo’s more sound defensive structure.

The team has also jumped in several categories since trading Kevin Shattenkirk. That’s not to say Shattenkirk was holding them back, but where have all those calling for Doug Armstrong’s resignation gone now?

Wong and Grichuk come through in Milwaukee series win

Kolten Wong was 5-for-13 with four runs in Milwaukee while Randal Grichuk went 5-for-14 with five tallies. Jedd Gyorko added a homer, two doubles, a triple and four more runs.

All this while Dexter Fowler, Stephen Piscotty and Matt Carpenter were a combined 5-for-34. Kudos to Mike Matheny for keeping guys like Wong and Grichuk in the lineup.

Kudos on the Blues’ first round, but one thing must change in Round 2

To his credit, Mike Yeo addressed his team’s missing ingredient after winning in Minnesota: They can’t sit back and play things safe any longer.

Hockey’s not like boxing where you can build a lead on the scorecards and sit out a few rounds. This has to change if the Note want to dispatch Nashville.

Interview w/ MLB.com Cardinals reporter and 101ESPN insider – Jen Langosch

Langosch joins for three segments leading into the 9 a.m. hour and looks back at the Cardinals’ 6-1 week and discusses the bullpen as well as Wong and Grichuk’s recent successes.

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9 a.m. Hour

Interview w/ Fairmont Park’s new track announcer – Keith Nelson

Nelson discusses his new announcing post and describes his race-calling style.

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