Daily Bernie: May 30 – Cardinals Just Aren’t a Smart Team; Is DeJong’s Promotion the Start of a Wave?

Same old story, different season. Your St. Louis Cardinals continue to shoot themselves in the foot en route to a .500 record.

Bernie vents on the subject on Tuesday’s program and wonders whether this trend will ever end. Spoiler: He’s not so sure it will.

Sports Illustrated contributor and expert baseball analyst Joe Sheehan joins to talk Randal Grichuk’s demotion and USA Today lead hockey writer Kevin Allen discusses last night’s ripper of a Stanley Cup Finals opener.

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Cardinals are what they are…And that’s a .500 team

Your St. Louis Cardinals are 24-24 on the season and 1.5 games back of Milwaukee despite having the best starting pitching ERA in baseball.

It is what it is…The Birds are fortunate to be in a division where no one team has taken off. This is the first season since 2007 the team hasn’t been above .500 on Memorial Day.

The Cubs are 25-25 50 games into the season

Chicago dropped to .500 after their Monday 5-2 loss to San Diego, a club with an opening day payroll around $68 million. The Cubbies went 1-for-10 with RISP in the loss.

Their rotation has logged a 4.58 ERA and 19 quality starts through 50 games and the offense is nowhere near where many thought it would be. Joe Maddon is playing it cool, however.

Interview w/ USA Today Lead Hockey Writer – Kevin Allen

Allen recaps the Stanley Cup Finals opener and wonders whether Nashville will rebound from the crushing loss to the Penguins.

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What will become of Randal Grichuk?

The Cardinals demoted Grichuk not to Memphis or Springfield, but Class A Palm Beach while bringing Jose Martinez back in the fold. Grichuk had been hitting just .222 in 181 plate appearances.

Mike Matheny says Grichuk is still a “superstar talent,” but has “a couple things he’s got to fix.” But is he capable of doing so?

Tiger Woods had already reached rock bottom

Woods says alcohol wasn’t involved in his DUI this past weekend and that it was a mixture of medications which left him asleep at the wheel.

Whatever the case, Bernie shares why this isn’t rock bottom for Tiger, who hit there long ago. This is just the latest incident in what’s been a steady, slow decline.

Is Paul DeJong’s promotion the start of a wave?

DeJong’s gone 3-for-5 with a homer and a double since being called up Sunday after Kolten Wong’s elbow parked him on the DL.

Shouldn’t young players like DeJong get the nod as long as the experienced guys are putting out a mediocre product?

MLB’s phony for-profit Memorial Day patriotism

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance, especially for families who’ve lost loved ones serving in the armed forces. MLB claimed their “patriotic” hats and jerseys were for support, but they sure looked like a money grab.

Go to any team’s website and they’re throwing the products in your face, and they ain’t free. Some players, including the Dodgers’ Brandon McCarthy, took some umbrage at the so-called patriotism.

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Bottom line: The Cardinals aren’t a smart baseball team

The most frustrating thing about the Cardinals’ fall back to .500 is we keep seeing the same sloppy mistakes. And it’s not only errors.

Aledmys Diaz went for the lead runner to no avail twice Sunday and the Rockies capitalized. Then you have Jose Martinez airmailing one over the cutoff man Monday and allowing Chase Utley an extra base, These mistakes have gone on for far too long and don’t look to be going anywhere.

Interview w/ Joe Sheehan Baseball Newsletter Author and SI Contributor – Joe Sheehan

Sheehan uses his weekly segment to talk Randal Grichuk’s demotion and the Cubs’ problems that don’t look to be going away.

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