Bryce Harper Vs. Hunter Strickland for UFC 213…Let Them Settle This in the Octagon

Everyone’s talking about it: Hunter Strickland’s fastball into Bryce Harper’s hipbone two years after Harper murdered two Strickland pitches for homers in cold blood.

The tape’s been played over and over across sports media, of both the fight and two offending jacks. Looking back at it all several times, one can’t help but be reminded of a WWE montage before a pay-per-view match, or a short melee at a Ultimate Fighting Championship press conference.

Those UFC presser scrums are always broken up before anyone lands too many punches. Dana White and his goons are in there in a hurry to protect their investment and to make sure no one gets hurt before the fight. This was much the same case with Monday’s minor scrum, except there’s no scheduled Harper-Strickland bout as of press time.

Let’s be real here, Monday’s “brawl” was a joke. It’s not hard to picture Randy Quaid’s ‘Major League II’ character wanting to run onto the field and fight the whole lot of flowing haired Giants and Nationals:

This is a prime opportunity for Dana White to step in and make this fight happen in the octagon. No one was satisfied with the above altercation. All it did was make everyone who’s old enough say: “Man, Nolan Ryan and Robin Ventura would wipe the floor with these turkeys.”

So sign these guys up and put them on the Mayweather-McGregor undercard if it ever happens. If it doesn’t, bring them back to AT&T Park and put the octagon directly between home plate and the mound.

No helmet-throw decoys or ball caps to block haymakers, just a couple ballplayers mano-a-mano…The “Clash on McCovey Cove.” Tell us you wouldn’t want to watch for the comedic value alone.

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