Let Jack Buck and Whitey Herzog’s ’87 Beer Commercials Distract You From the ’17 Cardinals

If we time-warped back to 1987, we’d tell our younger selves so many things: To stick out those future guitar lessons, to not sweat all the small stuff and, most importantly, to appreciate that particular time in Cardinals history.

Yes, “Whiteyball” would begin its descent within the next few seasons and, yes, we all know how the ’87 World Series ended up…But considering the bad vibes currently surrounding the club and its fans, we’d time-warp back 30 years in a jiffy if we could.

We don’t have the technology to do that, but we do have Youtube and these great commercials featuring arguably the greatest manager/announcer duo in baseball history:

“The Take”:

Jack Buck and Whitey, like Willie McGee, can cure all ills in a pinch. Jack interviewed Whitey hundreds of times throughout the White Rat’s tenure and the two were clearly comfortable in front of the camera. It doesn’t seem like there’s much acting going on.

One could imagine Jack wandering into the tapings believing the ad called for Whitey to actually explain the hit-and-run or double-steal to the viewers, only to be thwarted twice by the wise-cracking skipper.

We know that’s probably not the case, but the interplay is good enough to wonder why these two didn’t get a late ’80s sitcom deal. It could’ve taken Silver Spoons‘ time-slot and gotten better ratings for sure.

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