Genius Analyst Clayton’s ‘This Is SportsCenter’ Commercial Is the Best One ESPN Ever Aired

How “The Professor” wasn’t tenured is a mystery for the ages…Perhaps he was spending too much time jamming out to Slayer in his bedroom.

We’re of course kidding, as John Clayton’s likely one of the busiest men in sports media. He’s hosted his own Seattle radio show in addition to his now former gig as senior NFL writer and analyst, and he’s also always made time for a weekly slot on The Bernie Miklasz Show in addition to others we’re sure.

Clayton’s in a league of his own in terms of NFL expertise and connections, and we’ll genuinely miss his observations on ESPN television. In addition to his bottomless well of football knowledge, the guy also starred in the best “This Is SportsCenter” commercial to ever have aired:

Imagining Clayton chilling in his room, listening to Reign in Blood and yelling at his mom through the wall is the stuff comedy was made for. In fact, Slayer was once asked what they thought of the spot and their responses were about like everyone else’s:

If the Professor’s other gigs don’t work out, we’re willing to bet the thrash metal gods would make him band spokesman.

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