Watch Some of Mr. Met’s Greatest Hits, Including Jon Stewart’s Recent Supportive Comments

It was the “bird heard ’round the world” and it cost Mr. Met his job.

The New York mascot’s recent actions have reverberated throughout the sports world, but is it really fair to take away the man’s livelihood because of one mistake made in the heat of passion? We’re willing to bet Fredbird’s done the same thing at some point, but wasn’t recorded.

If you haven’t seen the video it’s provided here:

First off, Mr. Met can’t give the finger because he only has four of them and no middle one. Secondly, we don’t know what the fan on the receiving end of Met’s finger may have said about Mrs. Met. Heck, it could’ve been this guy:

While he obviously made a mistake, you also have to consider where Mr. Met is coming from. Leave it to legendary fake anchor and die-hard Mets fan Jon Stewart to better articulate this point:

We also can’t forget this isn’t the first sign of personal struggle we’ve seen from Mr. Met.

We stand with you, sir. And we have no doubt you’ll land back on your feet. Anyone who can entertain Mets fans for 53 years has what it takes to make it in this world.

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