Daily Bernie: June 19 – Cards’ ‘Big Shakeup’ Hasn’t Helped Much; Blues Scrutinized for Protecting Reaves

Remember that Cardinals coaching shakeup and subsequent sweep of the Phillies? That was a fun weekend…

Things have sure gone downhill since then, as the Birds are 2-5 and giving up runs at an alarming rate. The starting rotation has continued to free fall and the question of whether Mike Matheny is Major League Baseball’s worst manager is actually a thing. (We’ll explain below.)

Bernie tackles the poor state of Cardinal affairs on Monday’s show with USA Today’s Bob Nightengale and our Cards insider, Jen Langosch. Your host also covers why some hockey writers have blasted the Blues for protecting Ryan Reaves in this week’s expansion draft.

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Remember the Cards’ “big shakeup” and subsequent Phillies sweep?

Well, they’re 2-5 since all that happened and just dropped two of three to the Orioles, who were 10-24 through their last 34. Not great.

Needless to say, the “big shakeup” hasn’t worked out as well as we’d hoped outside of the Phillies sweep. The Birds currently sit six games under .500 and 5.5 behind Milwaukee.

Where’s the urgency to help this rotation?

Cardinal bats put up 23 runs through three games in Baltimore, but the starting rotation allowed 17 through 12.1 innings pitched. With a steadily rising starting ERA, why haven’t they called on any Memphis arms?

They brought up Marco Gonzales for a doubleheader start, but what about Luke Weaver or John Gant? Jack Flaherty? Where’s the urgency here?

Blues are getting crushed for protecting Reaves

Some sports media are giving the Blues heat over their decision to protect Ryan Reaves in the upcoming expansion draft.

It wasn’t a surprise to many in St. Louis, but Yahoo Sports’ Greg Wyshynski and SB Nation’s Mary Clarke are both scratching their heads at the decision. Was it wise to protect Reaves while leaving David Perron exposed?

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Is Mike Matheny MLB’s worst manager?

The Cardinals are still in free fall and Matheny worshipers are beginning to abandon ship as it continues to sink. The skipper’s job is currently safe, but SI contributor Joe Sheehan has him ranked 30th of all MLB managers.

Sheehan based his rankings on who he’d want managing his team for one best-of-seven series and will explain his rationale on Tuesday’s Bernie Show.

Interview w/ USA Today MLB Columnist Bob Nightengale

Nightengale discusses whether the Cardinals should buy or sell at this summer’s trade deadline and which of their players they’d get the best return for.

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The Kaepernick saga continues and Goodell is still a liar

All 32 NFL teams have wrapped up their offseason programs and Colin Kaepernick is still unemployed. This has ramped up speculation to whether owners have blacklisted the outspoken quarterback.

Commissioner Roger Goodell has, of course, disputed this claim, stating that “all (teams) want to get better and if they see an opportunity to get better as a football team, they’re going to do it.” So Goodell thinks the Seahawks made a football decision in signing Austin Davis instead of Kaepernick…

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9 a.m. Hour

Cards have spots 1-2 figured out, but what about the rest?

Bernie comments on Matt Carpenter and Dexter Fowler’s stellar recent batting efforts and wonders whether the rest of the lineup will ever reciprocate.

Interview w/ MLB.com Cardinals Reporter and 101ESPN Insider – Jen Langosch

Jen shares why there are currently ¬†“a lot more concerns than answers” with the Cardinals rotation.

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