Daily Bernie: June 21 – Bad NL Central Keeps the Cards ‘Alive’; Club Faces Many Tough Decisions

If this was the NBA and the Cardinals wanted to tank, they’d have a problem: The rest of their division seemingly has the same idea.

This year’s NL Central teams obviously aren’t trying to tank, but when a team (the Cardinals) goes 11-22 through 33 games, you’d expect them to be further down in the standings than four games. But that’s what’s happened and here we are.

Bernie addresses this on Wednesday’s program and welcomes 101ESPN insider and MLB.com Cardinals reporter, Jen Langosch for six full segments to discuss the Birds.

7 a.m. Hour

NL Central is keeping the Cardinals “alive”

The Cardinals have lost 11 of their last 33 games and, yet, are just four behind the division-leading Milwaukee Brewers. Bernie tackles this phenomenon of false hope.

Is Tatum St. Louis’ next NBA star?

Duke’s Jayson Tatum has earned Coach K’s praise, but will that be enough to raise his NBA Draft stock? Your host talks the St. Louis native’s future this segment.

Major League Baseball roundup

We check out what’s happening all around baseball this segment, including Anthony Rizzo’s latest leadoff home run and Freddie Freeman getting time at third base.

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8 a.m. Hour

Four Segments w/ MLB.com Cardinals Reporter and 101ESPN Insider – Jen Langosch

Jen talks everything Cardinals throughout the 8 a.m. hour, including Mike Matheny’s wavering support and whether the club will ever look to their Memphis prospects for a new MLB approach.

Entire 8 a.m. Audio:

9 a.m. Hour

Two more segments w/ 101ESPN Insider – Jen Langosch

Jen sticks around for much of the show’s final hour to talk about Aledmys Diaz’ struggles and whether the Cardinals will be making a tough decision regarding Adam Wainwright in the near future.

Entire 9 a.m. Audio:

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