WATCH: New Blue Brayden Schenn Nets a Game-Winner After Suffering a Samurai’s Wound

Maybe it wasn’t a legit Seven Samurai-type cut, but nonetheless still impressive…because how often do hockey players take blades to the abdomen?

They can count on black eyes,  missing teeth, split lips and broken bones…and old-school goaltenders could expect a fair amount of stitches and/or plastic surgery, but the tummy is usually an area unexposed to pucks and skate blades.

That doesn’t mean s–t can’t happen, as evidenced by new Blues forward Brayden Schenn’s night back in 2014. Schenn harnessed his ch’i well enough to forget about the cut though before netting the game-winner:

Guy’s tough. He’s a hockey player.

The 25-year-old is also getting better with age, logging 59 (26 goals, 33 assists) and 55 (25 goals, 30 assists) points respectively in 2015-16 and 2016-17  compared to 41 and 46 the previous two seasons.

Blues fans can hopefully bank on Schenn lighting Scottrade lamps for years to come, albeit without any significant bleeding.

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