Watch Mike Tyson Bite Evander Holyfield’s Ear Off for the Occasion’s 20th Anniversary

There may have still been some folks who thought Mike Tyson had some sanity left, but he changed their minds swiftly that night.

We’re of course talking about Iron Mike’s second bout with Evander Holyfield, otherwise known as the “bite fight,” in which Tyson became rabid midway through the third round and bit his opponent’s ear off:

Holyfield carried the momentum into the bout after upsetting Tyson in 11 rounds the previous year for the WBA Heavyweight Championship. The “Real Deal” won the first two rounds before unintentionally butting Tyson above the right eye, leading Mike to latch onto his ear like a drumstick and then push the champ across the ring.

Apparently someone didn’t like getting butted. Tyson isn’t as unhinged as he used to be, and the duo eventually buried the hatchet when Iron Mike returned the missing bit of ear.

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