Daily Bernie: June 30 – Why It May Benefit the Cards to Be Trade Deadline Buyers

The Cardinals are in a conundrum as the trade deadline approaches and they wait to see if they merit being buyers or will end up selling and looking to future seasons.

But according to ESPN senior baseball writer, Buster Olney, it may make sense for them to be buyers even with a questionable record. Buster tells Bernie why this is the case on Friday’s program, while MLB Network insider Jon Heyman tells why he thinks the Cards “will go for it” at the deadline.

Bernie also talks to Post-Dispatch Mizzou beat writer, Dave Matter about his upcoming book and what to expect from this season’s football Tigers.

7 a.m. Hour

Cards win Arizona series and prove they’re underachievers

Starting pitching and offense both showed up in the Cardinals’ series win over the Diamondbacks, proving this team can play better than they have.

Can they keep playing solid ball at home against Washington, or will they revert back to their old ways. This past week was great, but it won’t mean much if it was a freak occurrence.

Interview w/ St. Louis Post-Dispatch Mizzou Beat Writer – Dave Matter

Matter discusses the upcoming book he co-authored with former Tigers head football coach Gary Pinkel and what we can expect from the 2017 Tigers.

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Brett Cecil’s impressive turnaround

It doesn’t seem long ago that many were calling for Cecil’s head after he gave up runs in five straight May outings. He’s bounced back by recording a 2.16 ERA since May 16.

Many fans jumped off the Cecil bandwagon after the slow start, but he’s proving himself to one of the club’s most reliable arms.

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8 a.m. Hour

What does Grichuk’s offensive surge mean?

Randal Grichuk has hit three home runs in the five games he’s been back with the big club, notably a two-run Thursday shot to give the Cardinals a lead over Arizona.

But we’ve seen this before and it’s probably idiotic to proclaim a set starting outfield right now. Grichuk’s recent output is grand, but he’s got to do it consistently.

Voit has pinch-hitting value

Bernie details why Luke Voit is such a valuable righty pinch-hitter to this Cardinal team and how past guys in the role have benefited the club.

Scherzer comes home Sunday to remind DeWitt of the biggest mistake he’s ever made

This week’s Sunday Night Baseball pitching matchup is a doozy with Carlos Martinez taking the ball against Washington ace and St. Louisan, Max Scherzer. It also reminds the Cards and their fans of what might have been..

How much would Scherzer have helped the Cards had they pursued him back in the 2015 offseason? They certainly could have afforded him and he’s pitched pretty well since to say the least.

Bill Self strikes back at Mizzou chancellor

Mizzou hasn’t played the Kansas Jayhawks in hoops or football since the Tigers joined the SEC in 2012 and no progress has been made at a rivalry renewal. Former Missouri chancellor R. Bowen Loftin says Bill Self is the reason why.

Self recently stuck back, saying to “tell the ex-Missouri chancellor that I coach basketball and not football.” Sounds like it might be time for fans to move on.

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9 a.m. Hour

Interview w/ ESPN.com Senior Baseball Writer and Sunday Night Baseball Reporter – Buster Olney

Olney explains why it may be in the Cardinals’ interest to be deadline “buyers” and throws out names of potential trade targets.

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Interview w/ MLB Network Insider and Writer at Today’s Knuckleball – Jon Heyman

Heyman shares why he thinks the Cardinals “will go for it” at this summer’s trade deadline.

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