Video: Enjoy Kurt Warner’s Super Bowl XXXIV Highlights Ahead of His HOF Induction

You just knew he was gonna have a game.

What else did we expect? Kurt Warner had amazed us no less than 1 million times throughout the 1999 NFL season in any number of ways. It’s almost easy to forget the guy was third string Rams QB behind Tony Banks and Steve Bono in 1997.

Super Bowl XXXIV was the logical conclusion to Warner’s rags-to-riches season after filling in for the preseason-injured Trent Green.

Likely Rams fan thoughts after Green went down: “Who’s this Warner guy? What’s he done? Played for the Iowa Barnstormers and Amsterdam Admirals, eh? Welp, we’re screwed.”

But as Dick Vermeil announced following the injury: “We will rally behind Kurt Warner and we will play good football.”

And they did. They played really good football and they ran all over the place and aired it out…and made one wonder how long it’d take for them score on a given drive rather than whether they would or not.

And Kurt Warner, surrounded by other great St. Louis Rams, was right at the center of it right on through til the end of the storybook year.

(Apologies the above vid won’t play on our site. The NFL has trolled us once again. Feel free to click through and view on Youtube and enjoy the below clip right here.)

St. Louis football fans weren’t expecting their own football team in the early ’90s; let alone a Super Bowl title to cap off the decade’s final season. They weren’t expecting this grocery-bagging Warner fella to amount to much. And they sure as heck didn’t expect him to become one this town’s most beloved athletes in its history.

But they got all three. Congrats, Mr. Warner on getting your own bust in Canton.

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