It’s Time for the Cardinals to Send Mike Leake to the Bullpen

Sorry for the misleading headline, we’re actually PAST the time for him to head to the bullpen. Leake was a critical piece of the rotation for the first 2 1/2 months of the season but he’s been on a consistent slide since May and it’s time to stop trotting him out there.

Here are Leake’s ERAs by month:

April: 1.35

May: 3.09

June: 4.39

July: 4.76

August: 10.33

Notice a trend???

Clearly you do…hopefully the team does.

Leake has been gradually getting worse as the season has gone on and it’s time to stop falling back on what he did in April and May. It’s time to focus on RIGHT FREAKIN NOW.

The Cards enter this week 3 1/2 games out of first and the time for patience is over. It took a DL stint for them to finally pull the plug on Adam Wainwright and I just don’t understand their reluctance to try something to change the direction these guys are heading.

Since July 1 Leake is averaging 4 IP per start. FOUR INNINGS PER START. That’s almost two months worth of games. 9 games, to be exact.

In those 9 games since July 1 he has an 8.25 ERA.

Yet they keep running him out there.

Meanwhile Top 100 prospect Jack Flaherty has a 2.82 ERA in 13 starts at Triple-A Memphis…as a 21 year-old. Luke Weaver is already taking Waino’s spot so why not give another kid a shot?

It’s not like Flaherty could be any worse than an 8.25 ERA over nearly two months. What do they have to lose?

There is almost no time left in the season. This team needs to start showing a greater sense of urgency, they need to act more quickly to cut off problems rather than letting them drag on needlessly (and endlessly).

Performance has to trump seniority right now. It simply has to. Aside from seniority – and contract – what reason could there be for leaving Waino and Leake in the rotation while both have been cratering?

I’m not saying they need to DFA Leake, just take him out of the rotation.


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