Mozeliak Says Cardinals’ OF Depth Should Bring ‘Excitement’ This Offseason

To say the Cardinals have plenty of outfielders would be an understatement…We could spend roughly a sixth of the post you’re reading just listing their names. It’s well documented and there are certainly worse baseball problems to have.

We’ll likely see the matter addressed this offseason in one way or another, as the team doesn’t have enough spots to put all these guys. Cardinals president of baseball operations John Mozeliak is confident there will be interest.

“I think the question for us is trying to identify who we should be betting on long term and then ultimately decide what those arbitrages might look like this offseason in terms of ways to make our organization deeper should there be interest in (the Cards’ outfielders), Mo recently told Bernie Miklasz.

“I suspect when you look at the outfield depth we’ve been able to collect, there will be (interest). I think that’s good news for us and really I think it will make this offseason one that will bring a little more excitement to us and hopefully we can a way to really upgrade our organization as a whole.”

Mo touched on a variety of topics with Bernie, some of which you can read below followed by the entire interview’s audio.

On the team’s up-and-down trajectory this season:

“No year ever goes perfectly. There’s always something that sticks out that you wish you could have done differently, wish you could have improved upon…But I do really feel like what Mike and his staff have been able to do at the Major League level has been impressive.

“Obviously, you look at what our lineup is today versus what it was a month ago, two months ago, three months ago…Lot of changes, but given the fluidity of it they’ve really kept it moving in a positive direction.

“I also think you have to compliment everyone down at the minor league level and all the work they’ve done. When you look at our current lineup and how many of them had their fingerprints at either Double-A or Triple-A this year, it’s really quite amazing and in a lot of ways it’s refreshing.”

On whether the Cards will try and re-sign Lance Lynn:

“I don’t close any doors. I think that’s always a bad strategy in life. Ultimately, we’ll take the offseason and see what’s out there and see if he fits in based on what we’re trying to do.”

On whether the team’s upward offensive trends will affect their offseason approach:

“I do think from an offensive standpoint you’re seeing this team come together and gel. It’s been a much more cohesive offense in the second half in terms of when you’re comparing it to some of the games we played last year versus where we were the first half; there was a level of frustration and certainly…

“I think answering that question in a yes or no or a blanket black or white answer right now is not necessarily in anyone’s best interest. I think what we need to do is approach this offseason and what opportunities may or may not be there for us and then pursue what we think is best.

“Over the last decade or so or longer, we’re always trying to win. Our goal is to put a successful product out on that field and you may disagree with how we go about it, but it’s hard to argue with the process which we’ve done that.”

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