Poor Sergio Dipp…Rewatch the ESPN Reporter’s ‘Star-Making’ Debut and Response

If you’re a sports fan and have been anywhere near social media since last night’s Chargers-Broncos Monday Night Football game, chances are you’ve heard of Sergio Dipp.

This is the same Sergio Dipp, who in his MNF debut (He’s been with ESPN Deportes since 2013) and before a ginormous national audience, looked a little overwhelmed when describing Vance Joseph’s first regular season game as Broncos head coach:

At first glance it seemed Dipp had forgotten he was a sideline reporter and began calling play-by-play for the home viewers: “Beth, coach, it’s a pleasure to be with you guys, here on the field, from up close, just watching Coach Vance Joseph from here…You watch him now on the screen.”

“His diversity and his background is helping him a lot tonight,” Dipp went on. “Quarterback at Colorado, defensive back in the NFL, and here he is, having the time of his life, this night making his head coaching debut.”

Joseph and the Chargers’ Anthony Lynn each made their head coaching debut during the broadcast, marking the first time in NFL history two African-Americans have done so on the same night. Dipp was apparently trying to reference this fact on 9/11 while also mentioning his own heritage.

He mentioned as much later in the evening via a Twitter video:

So…It wasn’t the debut the young reporter, his ESPN bosses…or millions of viewers had likely envisioned, but the young reporter will likely live to fight another day. Especially since Dipp appears to have a good sense of humor over the whole thing:

Welcome to the limelight, Mr. Dipp.

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