Video: Cards or Cubs? Frequent Guest Greg Amsinger Argues Teams’ Offseasons

This MLB offseason’s transactions have slowed, which means it’s as good a time as any to compare the Cardinals and Cubs’ moves thus far and hypothetically gauge where each team is compared to the other.

Frequent guest of ‘The Fast Lane,’ Greg Amsinger did exactly that last week during the Winter Meetings, mulling over the Cards and Cubs’ winters thus far and comparing the rivals position by position to see which team’s 2018 chances look best at this time.

St. Louis native Amsinger did his best to curb the argument in the Birds’ favor, (and got little to no static regarding the STL outfield’s superiority) but ‘MLB Tonight’ co-hosts Dan O’Dowd and Ken Rosenthal eventually awarded the contest to the Cubbies.

In case you missed it:

“We have to keep in mind, Greg; these rosters are not complete,” A skeptical looking Rosenthal tells Amsinger.

“We’re just doing it today…Have you ever heard ‘play along?’ Kenny, just play along.”

Gotta love Amsinger if you’re a Cardinals fan. And while the tally on position players wound up 5-3 in the Cubs’ favor, we think the DeJong-Russell and Molina-Contreras debates could’ve fallen for either side.

But it’s all hypothetical fun right now, and one can’t argue the Cardinals don’t already look better than they did last season at this time. Who knows what else this offseason will bring for both teams?

Stay tuned to 101ESPN and for all your silly Cardinals-Cubs banter and analysis.

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