Blues Vault-Vid: Boost Your Spirits With Tony Twist Beating Up Rob Ray

Are you experiencing Cardinals offseason fatigue? Has watching the Rams enter the NFL Playoffs gotten you down?

Or maybe you’re just glad it’s Friday and the Blues are on a three-game (albeit low-scoring) winning-streak…Any which way, it’s always fun watching vault-vids of Tony Twist beating the tar out of someone.

Today’s particular clip pits Twister against all-time Buffalo Sabres penalty minutes leader, Rob Ray. As far as hockey fights go, we’re not sure this qualifies, but it’s still a lot of fun to watch and remember how awesome a force Tony Twist was while dropping the mits.

Sweet sassy-molassy, kids! He just beat the bejesus out of that guy!

Ray often shed his pads and sweater during fisticuffs, eventually leading the NHL to establish the “Rob Ray Rule” requiring a game misconduct for any player doing so in a fight. He tried in the above clip, Twister noticed and walked away victorious by TKO.

Like a great prize fighter, he saw an opening and exploited it.

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