VIDEO: Rival Radio Hosts Have a Ridiculous Shouting Match at the Super Bowl

File this one under ‘hilarious’ and ‘terribly unprofessional.’

Two rival Houston sports radio hosts had it out on the air Thursday in a scene that quickly went viral as nearby media members tweeted and took videos of the verbal melee:

We don’t know much about these gentlemen other than the bearded fellow is Josh Innes of 710 AM and the on-air gentleman is former Houston Texans defensive tackle Seth Payne, now a sports jock with Houston’s 610 AM.

We’ve no idea what led to this intelligent and sensible conversation, but darn if it isn’t entertaining to watch. Sports radio members are too often left on the sidelines while athletes have all the fun and we can only guess Innes was fed up with this.

A better version via 610’s Youtube feed (Brief adult language):

Jokes aside, it seems this feud has been brewing a while as Payne later tweeted about the conversation and used a wordy-derd we won’t retype here. Feel free to check it out if you’d like.

We’re all for a friendly competition, but this one’s a little ridiculous. Furthermore, if you’re going to have it out with another sports jock and don’t want it seen across the country, (which one or both may have wanted) you probably shouldn’t engage in your verbal fisticuffs with 90 percent of the nation’s large-market sports radio stations broadcasting within 40 feet of you.

We could spend more time figuring out what happened here, but we’ve developed a headache…Stay tuned to and 101ESPN for plenty of Super Bowl analysis.

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