Bird Bytes: If Tommy Pham Wants to Lead the Cardinals, Let the Man Lead

Spring training … almost.

I’m in the mood to throw down some Bird Bytes.

So here’s some random bird seed.

And the reading will be quick and easy.

1. If Tommy Pham wants to be a leader on this team, then let the man lead. Last season he played harder than anybody, and played better than anybody, and had higher standards than anybody. If that doesn’t set the template for leadership, then the Cardinals don’t understand what leadership is. Go get ’em T-Pham.

2. If the price drops on a pitcher who really can help the Cardinals, and they won’t make the buy to take advantage of a depressed free-agent market … I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what to call that … but the MLB Players Association could cite it as evidence of collusion. I wouldn’t call it collusion, but the agents might.

3. With Jose Oquendo back as coach, the boys should get ready to do some work. Oquendo is a superb teacher, but here’s what fires me up about his return to the big club after a two-year absence: the Cardinals’ overall work ethic will be back too. If a player wants to get better, Oquendo will help. But bring a towel to wipe the sweat. And don’t go to the manager’s office to gripe.

4. I’m pretty sure that the Cardinals hired the REAL Mike Maddux, the excellent pitching coach. But after seeing this I cannot be sure.

5. I am a Lance Lynn fan, and I know he’s looking for a good gig. And in normal times he would have signed a big free-agent contract by now. And while I would like to see Lynn return to the Cardinals, their interest level seems … well, non-existent. Why? Two things: (A) warning lights from the advanced-metrics department; (B) he doesn’t do muzzles, won’t wear a muzzle, and won’t be muzzled. I don’t know what it is about Lynn that makes insecure folks so damned nervous.

Thanks for reading …


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