USA Today’s Nightengale Says Greg Holland ‘May Fall Right in the Cardinals’ Lap’

The Cardinals say they have a closer in Luke Gregerson, but many fans tend to disagree.

It’s been a point of contention this offseason for lots of 101ESPN talk-backers: Along with another proven starter and/or mid-order bat, the Cards need someone to close out ballgames. Now, the likelihood of crossing off all these boxes is nil, but a guy who saved 41 games last season still needs a home and could help with ninth innings (as long as his second-half 6.38 ERA isn’t a continuing problem).

That guy is former Rockies closer Greg Holland, and USA Today’s Bob Nightengale thinks he may wind up a Cardinal after turning down two Colorado offers this past November. Negotiations with the Rockies ended when they signed Wade Davis for three years and $52 million in December, numbers Nightengale says Holland won’t command.

[The Cardinals have] a nice bullpen, but don’t have that closer,” Nightengale recently told Kevin Wheeler. “They’re not going to get Alex Colome from Tampa. You would think if they were going to get him they would have him by now.

“Holland isn’t getting three years and $52 million from anyone. He may fall right in the Cardinals’ laps because there’s not that many teams still looking for a closer right now.”

The Nationals are one team still in need of a closer, but, as Nightengale writes, say they aren’t interested.

The Cardinals say they have their man in Gregerson, but whether that pans out remains to be seen. Nightengale thinks one of the two clubs will cave and sign Holland and like the Cards to do so at two years and $25 million.

You can hear Nightengale’s entire chat with Wheels below. Stay tuned to 101ESPN and for plenty of Cardinals Cold Stove talk and analysis.

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