Blues GM Armstrong: ‘We Need to Galvanize and Win a Freaking Hockey Game.’

Blues fans and management hoped the team would use Paul Stastny’s early-week trade as a catalyst to end the recent misery…Eight Minnesota Wild goals later and it looks like the Note will have to try harder.

The situation has gone from dire to plain weird, as Tuesday’s 8-3 loss to the Wild brought Mike Yeo to the point of singling out players he thought played adequately, while admitting he’s “not happy with” those he didn’t mention in his postgame comments.

Things aren’t great, but GM Doug Armstrong is adamant this group is going to have to dig themselves out of the crater and admitted finger-pointing isn’t likely going to help things.

“I saw the comments last night and (Yeo) and I talked after the game and there is frustration,” Armstrong told The Bernie Miklasz Show. “There’s frustration from the players too, but, ultimately, pointing fingers at each other right now is not the solution. And that’s not directed at Mike. That’s directed at the entire organization.

“What we need to do is galvanize and find a way to win a freaking hockey game.”

One thought flying around the water cooler is this Note squad needs a culture change and lacks the proper leadership to progress further. Army doesn’t deny the culture is lacking, but knows some individuals aren’t playing to their potential.

“I would say the culture was not in question until probably a couple of weeks ago,” Army said. “As you go through a slide like we’re on now, everybody’s looking for answers and, ultimately, I think the solutions are in that room there. I think that the guys care.

“Some of them are playing out of character right now, trying to do too much. Some guys certainly need to play a lot better and dig a little bit deeper or a lot deeper. But, ultimately, we got in this as a group; management and coaches and players together, and we’re going to have to get out of it together.”

Michelle Smallmon also asked Armstrong what his message to the fans would be and you can read his answer below, followed by the entire interview’s audio.

What Armstrong would say to Blues fans:

“The message isn’t great right now. What we have to do is we have to play better. We have to find a way to win a game tonight and move forward. I understand (fan) frustration. I share their frustration, but that does us no good.

“What we need are results and we need a leveling off period on this slide and then we need to build our way back up. I don’t think there’s anything I can say to the fan base. They’re an educated fan base. They know garbage when they see it and right now it’s not good enough.”

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