Listen: Duncan to Take Time Away from ‘The Turn’ as He Continues Cancer Battle

It was with a heavy heart that ‘The Turn’ co-host and one of 101ESPN’s favorite resident goofballs, Chris Duncan announced he will take time away for health reasons stemming from his longtime battle with cancer.

“This tumor keeps popping up so I’ve got to do something about it,” Dunc said on Tuesday’s show. “So I’m going to step aside for a little bit, take a little bit of a medical break, and focus on one thing instead of multiple things.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m playing multiple positions with all the medical stuff going on and trying to do the radio, reading all these articles and trying to keep up with everything. It’s probably not fair to our listeners. So I need to step aside,” he added.

Dunc was originally diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2012 and has been a trooper throughout his 101ESPN tenure while offering a former player’s unique insight, his being especially interesting having Dave Duncan as a dad and having played for Tony La Russa’s Cardinals for several seasons.

“It’s tough for me, but you guys have been great the whole time I’ve gone through this for the last five years. There’ve been ups. There’ve been downs. It’s been crazy. Hopefully, I can step aside and take care of this and I won’t be out too long.”

We wish Dunc nothing but the best. Listen to his announcement below: