Mozeliak Says Fireballer Hicks’ Promotion Due in Part to Yadi’s Assessment

Well, Thursday’s 9-4 loss to the Mets wasn’t what we hoped for, but we seriously doubt the Cardinals will lose 162 games.

In the meantime, we have general manager John Mozeliak discussing Tommy Pham’s eye issues, Jordan Hicks’ quick MLB promotion, and the club’s confidence in Luke Weaver. Mo joined The Bernie Miklasz Show Thursday, not long before news broke the Cards had signed free agent closer Greg Holland.

So that’s why he doesn’t mention that particular piece of news, but he did touch on…

Promoting Jordan Hicks to the Majors from Single A ball:

“When you look at sort of the word ‘stuff,’ and what he brings to the table, it is definitely elite and special. Speaking with Yadi after that game, he’s like, ‘That’s the best I’ve caught all spring.’ And when you hear things like that, it’s hard to say, ‘Well, you need another month.’

“We have confidence that he can have success at this level and when you talk about the training wheels thrust of this in terms of putting him into high leverage situations, I doubt you’re going to see him in the eighth or ninth [innings] this week.

“But as the season evolves, I think you’re going to see that level of importance or higher leverage situations come into play.”

Tommy Pham’s eye condition and 2018 expectations:

“Whenever you have an ailment that could affect how you play, there is always some level of concern. But I will say, in Tommy’s case, he’s managing this. He works with our training staff, our medical staff as well as outside consultants who help address his eye issues.

“Making sure he has a second set [of contact lenses] is probably the most important thing for us so we don’t have to worry about him if he loses one. But in all seriousness, I think it is one of those types of issues that is going to be chronic and it’s going to be something he’s always got to stay one step ahead of.

“He knows that and I think that’s his focus and what he’ll try to do. I think he’s going to have a great year. He’s certainly confident that he’s going to have a similar year to last year. As long as he can keep himself healthy he can be a special player.”

Luke Weaver being ready for the show:

“We have always obviously had a lot of confidence in Luke Weaver. I think a lot of people were looking at our rotation and sort of looking at where the weaknesses would be and his name came up a lot this offseason. Whereas internally, we felt that he was one of those special talents. At the very least, a middle of the rotation type of starter that has even more potential or more upside in there.

“I feel like this spring was not really his coming out party as much as just putting a stamp of ‘I’m ready.’”

Listen to the entire Mozeliak interview below and stay tuned to 101ESPN for plenty of Cardinals talk as the season gets going.

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