Report: Rams Stadium to Exceed $4 Billion, Making It the Most Expensive in History

The Los Angeles Rams’ Inglewood stadium will now cost in excess of $4 billion according to a Sports Business Journal report, making the project by far the most expensive in sports history.

The report states:

“The $4.25 billion cost for the 298-acre site just four miles from LAX airport more than doubles the most expensive stadium ever built in the U.S., the $1.7 billion spent on MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. The cost also includes the value of a 6,000-seat amphitheater but not the planned retail and commercial development, as well as the building of a new NFL Network home that is expected to drive the total cost of the project close to $5 billion if not more, the finance sources said.”

Stan Kroenke, who has apparently forgone the mustache for some sort of hipster-ish stubble-beard, has $1.6 billion tied up in the project along with wife, Ann, according to the report. Kroenke originally estimated the cost around $2.3 billion, which has since risen a bit.

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