State Rep. Plocher Believes Missouri Will Have Legal Sports Betting in 2019

If you hadn’t heard, the U.S. Supreme Court recently declared 1992’s Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act unconstitutional, allowing states to legalize sports betting should they see fit.

This means Americans may finally be able to gamble on sporting events…Legally. Missouri could be one of the quicker states to make this happen according to State Rep. Dean Plocher, who recently discussed the topic with ‘The Kevin Wheeler Show.’

Like about anything moving through a state legislature, there are several facets to making legal gambling a reality. Pro sports teams, universities, and casinos are just a few to go along with how to make such a service readily available to the bettors.

Plocher mentioned all this in his exclusive chat, also pointing to public and individual benefits legal betting could bring.

“Of course, there’s the money,” Plocher said. “The numbers that I’ve been told this would generate through a tax rate of say, 12 percent…would be about $50 million in revenue a year. That’s no small number when we’re trying to balance the budget up here. We have to repair the roads and there’s other infrastructure improvements Missouri desperately needs.

“The other aspect of it is the freedom component,” he added. “I mean, I don’t see why people shouldn’t have the freedom to be able to engage in this type of product or entertainment at their discretion. And I think in doing it this way, as we put this product in motion going forward, we can put in appropriate consumer protections.”

Seems pretty legit, but with anything like this there will be dissenters, right? Plocher didn’t discount such, but said the opposition isn’t what many might think.

“[Sports betting is] going on. So, really, the opposition is more along the lines of getting together to agree on how the game is going to be played. We know we’re going to have a Super Bowl every year. What are the rules that we’re going to play by?”

Plocher seemed optimistic something will get done sooner rather than later, and mentioned this summer’s legislative session as a beginning for all parties involved to begin mulling things over.

“I would think by 2019, all the parties that have an interest in this should be able to come together. And we should have something in the books essentially a year from now.”

You can hear Rep. Plocher’s full 101 ESPN chat below:

Stay tuned to 101ESPN and for more on this story as it develops and always be sure to tip your casino’s cocktail staff.

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