Karl Ravech Gives a ‘Glass Half-Full’ National Perspective on the Cardinals

Everything seems out of whack for us here in St. Louis regarding these 2018 Cardinals, and certain aspects certainly aren’t great.

As Wheels wrote earlier, we’ve seen this movie before. It’s the one with the questionable bullpen management, shoddy defense, bad base running, and terribly shaky relief pitching. We saw this one at the multiplexes last summer and the one before that, and though there have been some slight script rewrites, a lot of it is still tiring for fans tuning in every evening.

Didn’t Bert Einstein say insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?

We in St. Louis are very picky about our baseball, but the national perspective is quite different according to ESPN’s Karl Ravech, who joined Tuesday’s edition of ‘The Bernie Miklasz Show.’

“I think the national perspective and the perspective and conversations we always have when it comes to the Cardinals is, ‘Here they are again. They are not going away. They will be in this race. They have a formula that works and it’s going to work again,'” Ravech said.

“They have a pitcher in [Michael] Wacha who is pitching as well as he has. Obviously, [Carlos] Martinez is kind of a wild card, but when he’s right, they’re great,” Ravech added. “[Marcell] Ozuna and [Jose] Martinez are hitting and there’s this prevailing feeling out there that if they wanted to go out and make a deal for Manny Machado, they could.”

“There’s nothing that has changed about the expectations for the Cardinals, the way they operate, and they have put themselves in a position…to very much contend for a Central title and a Wild Card spot.”

Ravech isn’t wrong and the Cardinals are still very much in the thick of things despite their issues. The national take may be a glass-half-full one, but he’s not lying when he points out the things currently going right. The biggest issue the Cardinals have is getting these and other things to go right at the same time.

As far as a trade for Machado goes, Ravech could only comment on what the Orioles sorely need and would likely look for in a deal.

“If you’re the Orioles you need to get near-ready talent, and you need to make sure you get arms, and you need some guys who can get on base,” he said. “The Orioles, if you look at them from an organizational standpoint…they haven’t been able to build.

“You have to deliver pitching prospects who are near Major League ready, as well as guys in that organization that are going to get on base because their on-base percentage is brutal and they are not hitting home runs.”

Given the O’s need for…just about everything, it’s not as clear what the Cardinals would offer given their injury woes and current use of what was once considered rotation depth. As always, time will tell.

You can hear Ravech’s full 101 ESPN chat below. Stay tuned for plenty of Cards talk and analysis throughout the season.

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