Keith Costas Talks Finding Out His Dad Was a Big Deal as a Kid

Most of us who have enjoyed Bob Costas as part of our life’s soundtrack can pretty well agree the man is an American treasure. The heavens light up and children rejoice any time he conducts an interview or shares commentary.

It’s not a stretch to say Costas could run for St. Louis mayor on a platform involving the kicking of small animals (though he would never do so) and still win by a landslide…All jokes aside, Bob Costas is as classy a sports or media personality as we’ll ever likely have, and he’s also a pretty good dad according to son Keith.

The younger Costas is a producer with MLB Network’s ‘MLB Central’ on weekday mornings, and one would think that this would be an ideal gig for one of Bob Costas’ sons, but Keith recently told ‘The Bernie Miklasz Show’ broadcasting wasn’t part of his original plans.

“People always asked me growing up if I wanted to do what my dad did and the answer was always and remains, decidedly ‘no,’” Keith said. “But at the same time, I knew I wanted to be involved in sports in one way or another.”

Many millenials discovered Bob Costas as part of NBC’s NBA coverage throughout much of the 1990s, which was the time Keith began discovering Pops was a big deal to a lot of folks.

“His main assignment when I was growing up was the NBA,” Keith said. “Obviously the playoffs and the finals were ramping up whenever school got out and as soon as the last day of school hit I was basically on the road with him the rest of the summer until the playoffs wrapped up.”

“I was with him in production meetings and interviews and practices and all that stuff that goes along with covering the NBA or sports in general for weeks at a time as a little kid,” he added. “On the one hand he was always just dad, but on the other hand I got an early indoctrination into the business and his role in it.”

‘Never heard that story’

Bob will accept Baseball’s ‘Ford C. Frick Award’ at this summer’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony, deservedly earning a spot in Cooperstown along with all the game’s great broadcasters throughout history. In April, he had Bernie in tears discussing the award and his mother buying him a tape recorder as a child.

“She had no idea where that would lead,” Bob said at the time. “It was just an expression of belief and faith in her son and to give him some hope to look beyond the limited horizon of a suburban life on Long Island and to connect with bigger wished and dreams.”

the story also involved Bob being touched by a Bruce Springsteen concert in New York, as well as his father’s affinity for gambling, which led to Bob’s early sports fascination. Needless to say, it was St. Louis radio gold and a touching moment.

“I’d never heard him tell that story,” Keith said Friday. “That was something that had certainly slipped through the cracks and I was surprised to hear him share it in a public forum like that, but I was glad he did because I could tell that was a genuine story and a genuine sentiment on his part that I’m sure a lot of people can relate to.”

Listen to Keith’s entire exclusive chat below and have an absolutely stellar Father’s Day Weekend from everyone at 101 ESPN.

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