Sheehan Talks Why Firing Matheny Would Likely Change Cards Fans’ Outlook

There’s no shortage of things to complain about this Cardinals season, but if there was one thing the club could do to aim the ship in the right direction, what would that one thing be?

Expert analyst and frequent 101 ESPN guest Joe Sheehan thinks the skipper’s head should be the one to roll, but also mentioned things Cardinal Nation should be optimistic about in his recent visit with ‘The Bernie Miklasz Show.’

“They pushed Jose Martinez to the Majors. They pushed Harrison Bader to the Majors. They went out and found a Miles Mikolas and if you can do something like that every couple of years…You’re doing pretty well,” Sheehan said. “That’s all just scouting. That’s all scouting and front office work so I think there are a lot of reasons to be positive.

“I understand the frustration because the Ozuna trade hasn’t worked out; because Dexter Fowler, in his second year there, has been terrible. There are reasons to be frustrated. Absolutely, but I had them as an 87-win team at the start of the year and they’re on pace to win 83 games. That’s Alex Reyes.”

Managers are usually the first heads on the chopping block when a club takes a nosedive. “Nosedives” are relative depending what club one is watching, but Sheehan still believes relieving Matheny of managing duties would give the team and fan base both shots in the arm.

“Man, if they just changed the manager…I think the manager goes to a lot of things we see on the field,” he said. “They’re a sloppy defensive team and they’ve been a sloppy defensive team for what? Four years now? Are we just not seeing that as an effect of the manager?

“The things that the manager is supposed to be good at like developing players and having relationships with players and the little things; if they just go into this next offseason and change the manager, would that be enough to get you to see the direction as being better?”

You can hear Sheehan’s entire 101 ESPN chat below. Stay tuned for plenty of Cardinals talk and analysis as the season’s second half approaches.

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