Baseball Gods Schedule a Pujols Return to Busch in 2019 & Other Key Dates

It’s finally happening. Albert Pujols will make his first trip to Busch Stadium as a member of an opposing team in 2019.

Barring any injuries, Pujols will be in the lineup on Friday, June 21st. The Cardinals will take on the Los Angeles Angels for a weekend series. You can bet there will be standing ovations each game for the man who brought World Series Championships and smiles to St. Louis fans for ten seasons.

On Wednesday, Major League Baseball announced every team’s schedule. The Cardinals will open the 2019 season on the road against the Milwaukee Brewers on Thursday, March 28th.  The March opener with the Brewers is the earliest start to the season in Cardinals History. After that, they’ll travel to Pittsburgh for a short two-game series. The Home Opener at Busch Stadium will happen on Thursday, April 4th against the San Diego Padres.

The Cardinals will take on the Chicago Cubs for two weekend series in May and September at Busch. They also play the Cubs for a midweek series at the end of July. We should also note that the final weekend of the season takes place against the Cubs. It’s very similar to the way the 2018 season will end–but this season it ends with a 3-game series at Wrigley Field. The Baseball Gods have quite a sense of humor.

Below is a list of key matchups happening at Busch Stadium in 2019:

*Game Times and Ticket Prices have not been announced.

April 4, 6-7 vs. San Diego: Home Opener. Clydesdales, Red Jackets, Best Home Opener Tradition.

April 8-11 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers: Who Know’s Who The Dodgers Sign in the off-season.

May 6-8 vs. Philadelphia: Watch out for the Phillies.

May 21-22 vs. Kansas City: I-70 Series Rivalry.

May 24-26 vs. Atlanta: The Braves could make some more off-season moves.

May 31-June 2 vs. Chicago Cubs: Rivalry.

June 21-23 vs. Los Angeles Angels: Pujols’ first time back as an Angel. Ovations Galore.

June 25-26 vs. Oakland: The A’s and Stephen Piscotty come to St. Louis.

July 26-28 vs. Houston: It’s Houston. This will be fun to watch.

July 30-August 1 vs. Chicago Cubs: Call your friends, this one will be interesting.

August 9-11 vs. Pittsburgh: Who knows what the Pirates will be up to at this point?

August 19-21 vs. Milwaukee: The Brewers could be dangerous again.

September 2-5 vs. San Francisco:  It’s the start of Last Stretch of the season.

September 13-15 vs. Milwaukee: Again–Will the Brewers be “for real?”

September 16-18 vs. Washington: Depending the Nats off-season, they could try and ruin things.

September 27-29 vs. Chicago Cubs: This series could be a SERIES TO REMEMBER.

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