McLaughlin Sees Another Big Cards Run With Home-Heavy Schedule Remaining

One of the more welcome Cardinals developments under Mike Shildt is the team’s improved Busch Stadium record, something Bernie Miklasz and many others have noted.

As of this writing, the Cards are 15-7 at home under Shildt, an improvement from the Matheny administration and one boding well for the Birds down the stretch with 12 of their remaining 18 games taking place at Clark Avenue. Cards TV voice Dan McLaughlin sees this as the key to another big run right when the Birds need it with an NL Wild Card hanging in the balance.

“They play better under Mike Shildt at home. I think that lends itself to a checkmark in the positive box,” McLaughlin said during his weekly visit with ‘The Bernie Miklasz Show.’

“The tough part is going to be the teams that they have remaining. Pittsburgh is going to throw three of their better pitchers in this series; then you have four with the Dodgers. That’s going to be tough.”

Indeed, and another storyline permeating with Shildt’s Cardinals is many of their relatively young ages, bringing into question whether they have an extra month of baseball in their systems. Danny Mac doesn’t see this as an issue, and Monday’s 8-7 comeback win goes a long way toward proving the broadcaster correct.

“When the games are on the line and they matter most, the teams that are going to postseason usually rise above the top. Meaning that they play their best baseball; they play full-out, 100 percent,” he said. “Every game means so much. It doesn’t matter who you play, you just find ways to win. I do think the Cardinals will do that.

McLaughlin pointed back to the home-heavy schedule as his main reason for Cardinal faith this September.

“This team has been on the road a ton. I can attest to that. I feel like we’ve been on the road the entire year it seems like. To have 13 of 19 at home (as of Monday) is a big, big deal with only three-game road trips…I just think the schedule lends itself for this team to have success.”

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