Vault Vid: Relive Jack Buck’s Poem and Speech Just Days After 9/11

The week following September 11, 2001 was likely one of the most surreal for most Americans in the country’s history. Folks were full of fear and uneasiness and grasping for anything resembling normalcy, with sports helping fill this particular void.

And while sports may not be the most important aspect of American life, it’s certainly one of the most popular and played a large role in beginning the long healing process. Leagues called off their games in the immediate aftermath, but seeing the sports world’s familiar faces return to the field certainly helped start the mending.

It so happened one of the guys who helped most wasn’t a player, but the late, great Jack Buck. His speech has been immortalized in the time since he gave it six days following the attacks, and for good reason. He was one of sports’ most eloquent speakers and this fact shone bright in honoring the fallen and heroes in the aftermath.

“Should we be here? Yes.”

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