Bird Bytes: What Do the Cardinals Need? Here’s the Shortest List You’ll Ever Read

After a baseball team has taken the fall and missed making the playoffs,  we’re supposed to make lists. Identify the roster needs, over-analyze everything, and put the readers to sleep. In other words: stuff that I write.

So I’ll do a short list of the Cardinals’ needs for 2019.

Reading Time, 2 Minutes: 

1.  A franchise-caliber, MVP-caliber, middle-lineup hitter.

2.  A highly motivated Bill DeWitt Jr.  declaring that he’s mad as hell and is tired of getting slapped around by the Cubs and Brewers. Which leads to …

3.  Spending what it takes to land a great free-agent hitter if the hitter expresses a desire to play for the Cardinals.

4.   Lefty reliever … elite-level category. Do not overpay for mediocrity. Overpay for excellence.

5.   A superb right-handed reliever who can strike people out.

6.  A superb right-handed reliever who can strike people out.

7. A superb right-handed reliever who can strike people out.

8.  A second upper-level lefty reliever who can strike people out.

9. A bold, aggressive, daring, go-for-it attitude by ownership-management. No more half-measure steps.

10. Higher standards.

11. Expanded payroll.

12.. Need to avoid making a trade for a left fielder with a bum shoulder.

13. Need to give Tyler O’Neill a chance to play regularly — unless, of course, it would just be easier to give him away to the Yankees for a mediocre lefty reliever.

14.  Add a veteran starting pitcher for depth who is capable of being physically available for more than 40 innings and who won’t be on the disabled list three times next season.

15. A buy-out of Dexter Fowler.

Thanks for reading …


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